I have set out to write a completely new poem each and every day for a year. I will post them here each day with the most recent one topmost. I invite other poets and lyricists to join me and match me poem for poem. If you send me your poetry I'll post it alongside mine. If enough people join me, I'll create a separate "United Poets for Peace" (Upp) blog and Facebook page. If you are a painter, drawer or illustrator and want to create something inspired by one or more of the poems, I'll post that too  - so feel free, get creative!

(Contact: artist@doubledareart.com). I hope you'll join me. So far it's just me and it's getting lonely.

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Day 158. Not the Messiah
Day 156. What If
Day 155. Valuable
Day 154. New Beginning
Day 153. A Better Place
Day 149. Bothered
Day 148. Untitled
Day 147. When the Poetry Dies
Day 146. Limerick 2
Day 145. Limerick 1
Day 144. Sonnet
Day 143. Haiku
Day 142. Haiku
Day 140. Ode
Day 139. I've Seen
Day 138. London
Day 137. Haiku
Day 136. Haiku
Day 135. Thus . . .
Day 134. Haiku
Day 133. Democracy
Day 132. Haiku
Day 131. Haiku
Day 130. Thanks Facebook
Day 129. World Peace is Easy
Day 128. Haiku
Day 127. The Horrible Truth
Day 126..Clean Hands 2
Day 125 The First of Forever
Day 124. Family
Day 123. One Real Enemy
Day 122. Rat Maze
Day 121. Clean Hands
Day 120. Twenty Feet of Silt
Day 119. Can't do Facebook
Day 118. Mood
Day 117. Half Way There Already
Day 116Haiku
Day 115. Haiku
Day 114. Can't Imagine
Day 113. Haiku
Day 112. Teetering on the Brink
Day 111. Trapping a Spirit
Day 110. Worrying about the Burka
Day 109. Stupid, Ruddy Poetry?
Day 108. When I Started
Day 107. So Here I Am
Day 106. Front Man
Day 105. Long Time Ago
Day 104. Seven Billion Spirits
Day 103. Yesterday . . .
Day 102. Rain
Day 101. Thing About We Spirits . . .
Day 100. Celebration
Day 99. Haiku
Day 98. Haiku
Day 97. Rule by Dismay
Day 96. Cameras
Day 95. Cruel Gods
Day 94. Rigged Universe
Day 93. HaikuDay 92. Choose your Oppressor
Day 91  Putin
Day 90. Snakes
Day 89. A Haiku
Day 88. Muslims and Russians
Day 87. Let's Pretend
Day 86. Planet Run by Criminals
Day 85. New Old Ideas
Day 84. Haiku
Day 83. The Irony #2
Day 82. Best Way to Keep an Entire Planet . . .
Day 81. The Irony
Day 80. You Can Do It!
Day 79. Heroes
Day 78. Being the Poem
Day 77. Sometimes
Day 76. A Haiku
Day 75. Believe!
Day 74.  Ten Thousand Reminders
Day 73. The Rap of Liberation 3rd Movement
Day 72. I'll be Back
Day 71. Race of Spirits
Day 70. Driving to the Future
Day 69. The Power of Laughter
Day 68. The Great Awakening
Day 67. The Power of Help
Day 66. Tree of Dreams
Day 65. Being Played
Day 64. The Zen of Life
Day 63. The Machine's in Overdrive
Day 62. The Left Bank of Worlds
Day 61. Who's out There?
Day 60. Sometimes I Wonder
Day 59. Praise be!
Day 58. Give Man a Little Credit
Day 57.The Second Renaissance
Days 55 & 56. Inspiration
Days 52-54. Without Limit
Day 51. Voice of the Human Nation Part One
Day 50. And Thus Spoke the Angel
Day 49. Dominique
Day 48. Thus Have I Learned
Day 47. Your Executioner - an Introduction
Day 46. Something Wonderful (plus guest poet)
Day 45. Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy
Day 44. A Hymn to Flux
Day 43. Reasons to be Fearful, Part One
Day 42. The Moment
Day 41. We are all Connected (plus guest poet)
Day 40. The Rap of Liberation 2nd Movement
Day 39. The Flip Side of Life (plus guest poet)
Day 38. The Rap of Liberation 1st Movement
Day 37. a Haiku
Day 36. Like a River
Day 35. Arming the People
Day 34. The Stars are Waiting
Day 33. Game On, plus guest Poet George Yesthal
Day 32. And on the Other Hand . . .
Day 31. Happy Birthday Daughter!
Day 30. The Beauty of our Race
Day 29. Weeping for Palestine
Day 28. The Zen of Time , plus Guest Poet, Gill Kaye
Day 27. Who Will?
Day 26. The Loneliness of the Long-Suffering Artist
Day 25. What's Wrong with You?
Day 24. Perfect
Day 23. Game On!
Day 22. Two Haikai
Day 21. Who Once Were Gods
Day 20. Psychopoetics
Day 19. How Oft Doth Fate Confound
Day 18. Mine, all Mine
Day 17. Burning the Midnight Oil Again
Day 16. Where I Am
Day 15. Today
Day 14. Something Wonderful
Day 13. A Sonnet
Day 12. What, Where, When and How
Day 11. A Haiku
Day 10. They're at it Again.
Day 9. Where Whispered Wisdoms Pass.
Day 8. Finding Heaven.
Day 7. Primary Reason to Smile.
Day 6. Three Haikai
Day 5. A Haiku.
Day 4. Prison Break by Steve Cook!
Day 3. Untitled.
Day 2. Untitled.
Day 1. Untitled

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