Prison break by Steve Cook! (Poetry for Peace. Day 4. Poem 4)

Day four of the poetry challenge in which I have to write a poem a day for a year.
The poem can be any length, any style, any subject. I am extending an invitation to other poets and lyricists to join me. Can you write a poem a day for a year? I think you'll find you can do anything you decide to do. Send me your poems - either to my FB message thingy or by email to artist@doubledare - and I'll publish it. Anyway, here's today's poem.

Prison Break

by Steve Cook

The human condition isn’t a condition,
It’s a life sentence on a planetary prison.
Being human isn’t optimum
It’s the punishment we were given
For alleged sins long forgotten,
Along with lives on worlds
Far closer to heaven than this one.
For we’re angels in monkey skins,
Gods in prison coveralls,
The creators of myriad tomorrows
Trapped in the lie called yesterday.
Doing time for long-forgotten sins,
With no parole for good behaviour,
So who cares anyway?
What would it take to set us free?
Ask me, we need a prison break.

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