Primary Reason to Smile. Poetry for Peace - Day Seven, Poem Seven

Day Seven, 23rd April 2018. It's now 9:10 pm and nearly my ruddy bed time. One full week of daily poems done and only fifty one more weeks to go (oh dear God!).
I was completely stuck for an idea until about an hour ago so I consider myself lucky (because it now means I won't have to sit up half the night chewing my pencil - well, my keyboard actually) to have come up with something - and doubly lucky to have come up with something that actually scans and rhymes!

My Primary Reason to Smile

by Steve Cook

Each day the world presents in endless procession
Myriad reasons to smile.
Laughter for instance blooms in joyful contagion,
While tunes gird the Earth with pleasing vibration
And good deeds breed their karmic succession,
Rendering whole lifetimes worthwhile.

There’s the sun in the morning warming my hair
And the profusion of glittering stars,
Birdsong drifting on the perfumed air,
The infinite pleasure of moments shared,
The day’s unfolding tapestry of all things fair
Whose images gladden the heart.

I could write for ages and list many pages
Of all the things in the world
That are instantly pleasant or pleasing in stages,
That free the spirit from its sullenest cages
But none of these compare - I have to say it -
With the smile of a pretty girl.

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Sleep tight, planet!

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