Poetry for Peace. Today's poem 18/4/18

Here is today's Poem

They Feed on Conflict

They feed on conflict,
Starve in peace
Like the junkie needs
His fix
Or the hooker turns 
Her tricks;
They’re the parasitic worm 
Burrowed deep in the tissue
Of the body politic.
They are the slick, sick 
Psychopath elite
Whose war machine, 
Once more unleashed,
Lays waste our bleeding streets.
They sell us fear with neatly
Packaged press release
Or the coldly manufactured
Mind-siege of false flags and lies.
Hoping we’ll buy
The new war 
We’ve seen advertised,
They slyly arm-twist our permission
To blow the heads off 
Other people’s children 
For profit.
With frantic haste they hide 
Their own terror 
So we cannot know it - 
Yet see that slick veneer erode
As the years slide by
And men grown tired
Of sacrifice at the altar
Of lie upon lie
Find better things to do than die
Or kill strangers with whom 
They have no quarrel.
Men have begun to see 
What’s possible
And know they can create
Re-born hopes
And better vistas 
Than war-tomorrows.
So panic enters the equation
As they engineer the latest
Money-spinning war.
Growing desperation pervades
The lie factory and puppet show
Of press release and edict 
Whose sole purpose
Is to negate human kinship.
Their worst fears spring 
From a changing world
Where our brotherhood 
Has defied
Their best efforts to kill it.
Peace threatens
To break out now
And render them bereft 
Of livelihood and denied
Their power forever.
So have a care you merchants
Of war.
For a new age of peace
Is coming
A new sun rising
To melt your cold towers
Of unreason.

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