Poetry for Peace. Day Nine. Poem Nine.

Had half an hour to write this in a busy day with no idea what I was going to write about until I sat down and thought about my afternoon. The challenge of having to come up with something come what may is quite invigorating. Hope you like today's effort!

Where Whispered Wisdoms Pass

by Steve Cook

Today I sat upon a bench
Where waltzed the trees in supple dance,
The breeze embraced and swayed in trance
Each sprightly limb and leafy branch.

It seemed to me as there I watched
The trees themselves were rapt in thought
And I wondered what notion held them caught
What idea entrapped, what longing ached.

What secret do they know yet cannot say
Where the pulse of life and thought are one and same,
What primal secret can they claim
What whispered wisdoms pass where the branches sway?

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