Poetry for Peace. Day 3, Poem 3 19/4/18

Today shaping up the way it is and knowing I will be tied up this evening (not literally, obviously) I had an hour to think up and write today's poem. No pressure then. Anyway, here it is!

These are the days

Of mass communications.

A billion conversations
Are shared on the internet
And stored in a microchip,
While the bomb in the TV set
Is wired to your mobile,
Connected to the capsule
That dies in mysterious orbits
Over secret locations
Tracked by the magic apps
Of Google Maps
In a corner of the sky.

These are the days 
Of trials and tribulations,
The sacrifice of nations,
The promise of salvation
Digitally preserved 
By memes like altars
To the gods of fabrication. 
Enslaved by fears we endure
These days of knavery and
Slavery and the 
Benign fake smile of 
Celebrity preaching 
The two-faced sermon
Of resurrection and damnation,
Feeding on desperation
Across the wastelands of the

These are the days of
Pulses in the atmosphere,
Digital delusions, 
The illusion of threat, the 
Prowl of vampires and bogeymen. 
There are chemicals in the ecosphere 
Prozac in the bloodstream 
A viral infection in our 
Might-have-beens that feed 
The schemes of the 
Bombers and the businessmen. 

These are the days 
Of political confusion 
Our dread suckers votes 
In the ritual of elections, 
The fair trade of independent thought
For peace of mind.
These are the days of 
Threat held like a salve
By aspiring tyrants
And the promise-to-protect
Worn like thorny crowns or talismans.

These of are the days of "if-only"
And all of us connected by truth
But shackled in the meantime
By the madness 
That was always there.
But now it's intensified and publicised, 
Advertised and magnified 
A thousand times.
Deafened by the noise 
We lose sight of resurrection 
And the fine line between 
Truth and lies,
For these are the days 
Of mass communications.

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