Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Mahiro Takano.

When Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s excellent music video “Alive” (featured here) was released in 2015, the show was somewhat stolen by the little 9-year-old who starred in it – the martial artist Mahiro Takano.

Takano who is from the Niigata Prefecture in Japan and a three-time champion in her age range appears in the video showcasing her sublime karate skills.

Now, Karate can be a breathtaking and captivating art form with many benefits for its practitioners - but not necessarily for those on the receiving end of it. Some twenty years ago one of my own daughters achieved Black Belt in Shotokan Karate at the tender age of thirteen. This was a tremendous achievement on her part and having seen at first hand what it takes, I can appreciate the amount of training, persistence and perfecting of skills that must have gone into Takano's own achievement.

In fact, Takano has been practicing karate since age 4, and even fought in a competition when she was still in kindergarten!

She first rose to fame in 2014, when a video was posted on YouTube of her performing Kandukai Kata in a studio (See video). 

The video garnered 5 million views and caught Sia’s attention, who just had to have her perform in her video.
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