While I have a quiet moment, I want to write down my thoughts and clarify a couple of things.

The first is that I won't feature on the website or blog any artist whose work I do not admire. I will create a page or a Talent Scout spot for any TRUE artist who comes to my attention because I feel I want to encourage them and validate the artist and their work [definition of validate:from the Collins Dictionary: verb."To validate a person . . . . means to prove or confirm that they are valuable or worthwhile".] I know this is very subjective and a matter of opinion but I know of no other way to maintain my own integrity and the validation of sincere, talented and hard-working artists There have been artists, therefore,I have tactfully declined to include on DoubleDare. EVERY ARTIST ON THE DOUBLEDARE SITE, however, is there because I like their work. Each and every one is in my opinion a mighty valuable artist and our civlisation is lucky to have them

Secondly, please remember to draw my attention to any artist you come across who you think should be represented on DoubleDare. I will follow it up and make a them Talent Scout slot and also send them an invitation. I know some of you have suggested artists to me recently and as my admin has been a bit cranky I might have missed out on following some of them up so please give me their names again either in a PM or by leaving a comment I should point out that so far I have liked every artist suggested to me by DoubleDare members so if you have suggested an artist to me and that artist has not wound up with their own page it is either because they have not taken me up on the offer or because of admin goofs of my own.

And thirdly: I was asked if there is anything in all this for me. What do I get out of it? Well the answer to that is I get a tremendous amount of.pleasure working on this project and being able to contribute something to the flowering of art on this planet and from the honour of working with truly talented people. And the honest truth is that the website and blog have ads for my own books, so the more active the website and blog become, the more promotion I get personally. I've tried to keep a good balance so hopefully this is a game where we all win something. But it is DEFINITELY not a one-way proposition. I get PLENTY out of it. So THANK YOU for doing what you so and for being here.Keep doing it!

Cue the big smiley face!

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