Movie Reviews

Here's a couple of off-the-cuff #moviereviews for the Holiday season.

#VALERIAN: a great scifi space opera romp with plenty of humour, action, special effects and interesting alien species. If you can get past the strange voice of the lead actor (who must walk through life with a voice that sounds as if it has been dubbed) you will love it. Score 9/10

#DARKTOWER: a gripping Stephen King science fantasy story very well translated into a movie. The scary villain is very excellently and creepily played by Matthew McConaughey and the hero is a boy of about eleven who nevertheless holds in his own very ably (a bright future there forTom Taylor). Co-stars the English actor Idris Elba who provides his usual powerful presence. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Evidently part of a planned series so looking forward to the sequels. Score 8/10

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