Sunday 12/8: Breaking news from the Daily Scare

Popular Biscuit may be Bending the Space-Time Continuum

by Steve Cook

Intensive research is now under way in an effort to unravel the mystery of the McVities Chocolate Hobnob, which scientists believe is violating several laws of nature (especially the Law of Conservation of Energy) not to mention some strong hints and helpful suggestions (such as gravity). . .  read more at

Breaking news from my satirical blog, The Daily Scare

Deification of President to Proceed as Planned. The move to recognize the inherent godlike nature of the current incumbent of the White House follows the example of the Roman Empire, which . . . read the full article here 

Create a Nice Day - with Christine Bleny, whose rich, creative repertoire is fueled by a powerful imagination. To see some examples of her wonderful art and find out more, visit her DoubleDare artist's page now!

Poetry for Peace Update. Today is day 85 of my Poemathon, the challenge of which is to write a new poem every day for a year. So far so good . . .  This meme is an update for the last nine or so days since my last update.

Breaking news from the Daily Scare, my satirical blog

Politician States The Blindingly Obvious - Whole World in Shock. The whole world was left reeling in shock yesterday when the US President, Donald Trump, unleashed the startling and unexpected discovery that, contrary to commonly-held credulousness, the media doesn't tell the truth. In the same breath he in fact subjected the world to . . .  read full article

News just in from The Daily Scare. 

Scientific Breakthrough Enables Cats to Vocalise Their Thoughts

No-one Will Ever Regret It, Experts Predict

Scientists have developed a device that enables cats ' owners to know what they are thinking . . .  read the full article here.


A huge welcome to Steve Sidare! I am very happy to welcome the watercolor artist Steve Sidare to the DoubleDare community. Please visit his DoubleDare artist's page for some fine examples of his superb paintings.

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Dimitris Kyrsanidis, Free Runner. Speaking as someone whoFind him on DoubleDare.
recently put his back out getting out of bed, I regard Free Running as an art as well as a sport. Dimitris Kyrsanidis is arguably the world's best living exponent of this art.

The DoubleDare artist's community welcomes Tiffany Cole. Based in Los Angeles, Tiffany is a self-taught mixed media artist creating illustrations using charcoal, acrylic paint and watercolor. Please visit her new DoubleDare artist's page for a few examples of her beautiful work. 

Create a Nice Day - with Lucille Femine. Today I am pleased to feature DoubleDare resident artist, Lucille Femine of whom the poet Larry Jaffe wrote: "Describing Lucille's work is like trying to describe a sunset. You have to immerse yourself, especially in the street scenes where romance walks you through her buildings and boulevards. The work is effortless as it unfolds and you perceive a universe of memories that it provokes. So what are you waiting for? Go look! Enjoy!"

Poetry for Peace Poemathon. So I have now reached Day 80. All poems of the poemathon to date are at

The Daily Scare. This week's update. 

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Please pay them a visit, although you will probably regret it.

Poetry for Peace weekly update. For all 75 poems to date, go here

Latest news from The Daily Scare:

Create a Nice Day - with Dave Randle,  Author, Journalist, Commentator, Film-maker and General Ne'er Do Well. Find Dave's DoubleDare artist's page here  

Gifted Planet, Earth's got Talent -Tanaka Tatsuya (Japan)See the incredibly imaginative work of art director and photographerTanaka Tatsuya. He has challenged his imagination (and delighted ours) every day for the past SEVEN years. In April 2011 he started creating surprising miniatures, in which tiny human figures interact with everyday objects . His “Miniature Calendar” project lets you view all of his daily cmoreative projects in one place. Find more info on the DoubleDare site here

Create a Nice Day - with Serena Salvatore.  I proudly present the magical and unique work of Serena Salvatore whom I was fortunate to meet in person in 2015. I have been a huge admirer ever since and am therefore delighted to be able to show you some of her wonderful work on my website, here

Latest news updates from The Daily Scare

Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Weekly update. Days 62 to 69. I can't quite believe I am still going, having reached Poem 69. I'm sure some people are thinking, "The crazy bugger's still at it!" There's nothing worse than a poetry bore who insists on posting his ruddy poetry every ruddy day so with that in mind I am limiting it to a weekly update so as not to annoy everybody more than necessary. Having said that, I don't care what anybody thinks and I'm not gonna stop. Part of the challenge is: can I keep going despite everything? Find all the poems to date here

Create a Nice Day with ingénu/e magazine, a beautifully presented, lively and creative art and culture magazine based in Sussex, England. It is particularly slanted towards supporting and helping the emergence of grassroots creative talent. Find it on DoubleDare for more info

Create a Nice day - with Gill Bustamante.  I am very pleased to introduce you to the outstanding work of Sussex-based artist, Gill Bustamante and to feature some examples of her work here

Gifted Planet- Earth's got Talent. Latest update. Today I feature the work of  Christy Lee Rogers, who is renowned for her beautiful and innovative underwater photography. Find more info here

The Machine's in Overdrive. Poem 63 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Monday 18th June 2018. I have set myself the task of writing a brand new poem every day for a year. So that's 63 days/poems done and I only have to come up with another 302 poems by April 2019! Piece of cake - nothing can possibly go wrong with that! Find the poems of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon here

Man-U-Like Agency provides the Full Fantasy Husband Experience. The escort agency - in which men pay women to be seen with them and pretend they like them - has become something of a boom industry of late.  Read the article here

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent: Yap Kun Rong. Yap Kun Rong is a freelance concept designer and illustrator working in the game and film industry. His list of projects include . .  more info here

Hard work, constancy of purpose, darn fine stories and a dash of whiskey. I am very pleased to feature today the best-selling novelist RJ Ellory, the author of fourteen novels published by Orion UK, available in twenty-six languages. find his DoubleDare page here for more info

Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Weekly update. Click the image to view. For all poems to date, follow this link

Breaking News - Government to Act as Pillow Carnage Escalates. 

Read the latest shock news in The Daily Scare

The Daily Scare page of the website has been updated with two new satirical articles: "Miracle Drugs Vindicated" and "Psychiatrists Discover New Mental Illness." You can see these here.  My Daily Scare blog is in need of updating with new articles as soon as i can get around to it but for slightly less recent articles, go here

Good morning everyone! The Poetry for Peace Poemathon reached Day 59 last night . I can't believe I am still going (or alive for that matter. Up-to-date list of poems here 

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. Karim Waris.
Karim Waris is a 10-year-old artist from Nigeria whose stunning work marks him as a child destined for greatness. How does someone just 10 years old come by so much talent and technical ability in so few years? Ogbonge by the way means  Superb, extremely good, magnificent, gorgeous, outstanding.

More info here

Create a Nice Day! With Madhuri Hoogstraat. Today I am very pleased to feature a fellow poet, DoubleDare Artist, Madguri Hoogstraat, whose poems are dedicated to people of the Humanities who work hard against all odds to make this world a sane. drug-free and a better place to live. Please pay her a visit and see some very fine examples of her excellent poetry on her DoubleDare Artists' page

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent: Michael Murphy (USA)
is a sculptor and pioneer of the Perceptual Art movement.  More info here

It was artist Susanne Lawrence's birthday yesterday I believe. I found out a bit late but -better late than never- here is today's featured DoubleDare Artsist, Susanne Lawrence. Please visit her DoubleDare page now for some fine examples of her work. Happy birthday Susanne!

Without Limit. Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Still going strong. Poems for days 52, 53 and 54 are here

Gifted Planet - Earth's got Talent. The Magic of Street Art. Where better for art and creativity to thrive if not on the streets where life is lived? That it has begun to do so is a positive indication that our culture is . . . more here

Hello Planet! Create a Nice Day - with Enchanted Textile Design! 

Enchanted Textile Design is the company of Kirsteen Lyons, a freelance textile designer. I just found out it is Kirsteen's birthday today so it seemed fitting that I feature her company and her excellent designs, which you can find on her DoubleDare Artist's page. Happy birthday Kirsteen!

Day 51 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Wednesday June 6th 2018. Peace to all my brothers and sisters of the Human Nation. Read the poem here

Day 50 of Poetry for Peace! Wow! A milestone reached! Only 315 days ahead! Which sort of
prompts the theme for today's poem, Tuesday May 5th 2018. And Thus Spoke the Angel . . . read the poem here

Miracle Drugs Vindicated! As we now know, Heroin and Cocaine are good for you, say researchers.
Researchers at the Brain-U-Like Institute in Barking have today announced a breakthrough that is certain to send shock waves throughout government and other hotbeds of gullibility. . . . Read  the full article here

Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Day 49. Today's poem, Dominique, is dedicated to my wife. I am also delighted to be accompanied by VIP guest poet, the famous Larry Jaffe from the US. Find us on the DoubleDareArt website.

The Daily Scare page of the DoubleDareArt website has just been updated with a new featured article. Click here to read the article

Day 48 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. I can't believe I've gotten this far - a new poem every day for 48 days straight! This task is teaching me a great deal, not least that the creative reservoir within the soul of each and every one of us is of infinite capacity. It is a reservoir that never runs dry, in fact the more we tap into it the fuller it gets. Anyway, that's enough philosophizing for one day. Here is today's poem for Sunday 3rd June 2018. . .

Gifted Planet: Sam Alfano, Master Engraver (USA)Sam Alfano is a master and teacher of the art of hand engraving, a craft requiring almost superhuman precision, patience, persistence and skill. More info in the Earth's Got Talent section of the DoubleDareArt website.

Today's featured DoubleDare Artist is Ros Reece from the USA whose work is devoted to making the world a little brighter, a little lighter, a little happier, a little more fun. Please visit her resident artist's page on the DoubleDareArt website for some great examples of her work.

Your Executioner - an Introduction. Day 47 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon. Saturday 2nd June 2018. There are always those ready and willing to put people down, to decry and defame humanity, especially the individuals themselves. People need reminding of their innate greatness. Enough said, here is the poem.

Welcome to Day 46 of the Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Friday 1st June 2018. I am very pleased to be joined again today by fellow-poet and writer, George Yesthal from the United States. His beautifully crafted and heartfelt poem, Upon the Shining Shore ( a fallen soldier's hymn) is included below. Its inclusion is rather timely considering the theme of my own poem today. Find our ;poems on the DoubeDareArt website

Hello Planet! Create a nice day with Ja'son Manwill's Music with a Positive Message. Find Ja'son in the Music section of DoubleDareArt.

Day 45, of Poetry for Peace Poemathon, Thursday 31st May 20128. This poem was inspired by a terrible mishap that happened to a beloved family member and the reaction of her friends and family. Our greatest wealth, perhaps our only true wealth, is the people in our lives .Sometimes it Takes a Tragedy . . . 

Gifted Planet: the Giant Marionettes of Royal de Luxe (France). Stunning art! Based in Nantes,"Earth's got Talent" feature of the DoubleDareArt website
the street theatre company Royal de Luxe gives grandly creative performances around the world, using gigantic, elaborate marionettes ... Find them on the

Poetry for Peace, day 44. Hello! So this is my poem for day 44, Wednesday 30th May 2018, a memo to self written after a bitch of a day. Find the poem on the DoubledareArt website

Gifted Planet: Andrea Wan, Illustratror: find out more about Andrea in the "Earth's got Talent" section of the DoubleDareArt website

This is Day 43 of the Poetry for Peace project, Tuesday 29th May 2018. I hope you like it! Reasons to be Fearflu, part One

Day 42 of the Poetry for Peace Challenge, Monday 28th May 2018.

Not much to say so let's get right on with the poem.The  Moment by Steve Cook . . . more here 

Gifted Planet: Alan Williams, sculptor in metal
Introducing the immensely talented sculptor Alan Williams, from Brighton, England. He turns scrap metal into incredibly aesthetic animal figures. Find him on DoubleDare

Create a Nice Day, with Brian King.
I am very pleased to introduce you to the very fine work of a versatile English artist based in London, Brian King. Find him on the DoubleDare website where I have chosen a few samples of his stunning paintings but please be sure to visit him at any of the links given on his page to find much more about him and a great many more examples of his extraordinary work - and you will discover that his talents embrace more aspects of the arts than just his paintings, superb though they may be.

Poetry for Peace, Day 41: We are all connected (with very special guest poet)

Day 41 of the Poetry for Peace Challenge 2018-19 - Sunday 27th May 2018. Today I am very proud to feature a very special guest poet, my 6-year-old granddaughter, Alia, whose lovely poem is included here. Enjoy!

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Poetry for peace, day 40: The Rap of Liberation - 2nd Movement

This is Day 40 of the Poetry for Peace Challenge 2018-2019. Here is Poem#40. I've learned a lot by doing this but it seems to be getting a little easier. It can be hard when one is tired, not in the mood, short of time or getting up at five in the morning to write a poem but it seems to me that with practice one can turn the creative juices on at will. The only reason we "can't" do it is when we tell ourselves we can't. Try it! Click here for poem

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Create a Nice Day - with Larry Jaffe
Today's featured artist is the American poet Larry Jaffe, the renowned purveyor of fine words. Please check out his Resident Artist page on the DoubleDare Art website

Cuisine is an art form. Amber Spiegel's cookies exemplify that truth - and then some! I don't know whether anybody actually eats them. They are no doubt as delicious as they are aesthetic to look at but eating them would would surely be a crime on a par with chewing Beethoven's sheet music or making a Rembrandt into a hat.

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