Poetry for Peace

I have set out to write a completely new poem each and every day for a year. I will post them here each day with the most recent one topmost. I invite other poets and lyricists to join me and match me poem for poem. If you send me your poetry I'll post it alongside mine. If enough people join me, I'll create a separate "United Poets for Peace" (Upp) blog and Facebook page. If you are a painter, drawer or illustrator and want to create something inspired by one or more of the poems, I'll post that too  - so feel free, get creative!
Day 16. Where I Am
Day 15. Today
Day 14. Something Wonderful
Day 13. A Sonnet
Day 12. What, Where, When and How
Day 11. A Haiku
Day 10. They're at it Again.
Day 9.   Where Whispered Wisdoms Pass.
Day 8.   Finding Heaven.
Day 7.   Primary Reason to Smile.
Day 6.   Three Haikai
Day 5.   A Haiku.
Day 4.   Prison Break by Steve Cook!
Day 3.   Untitled.
Day 2.   Untitled.
Day 1.   Untitled

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