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The Worm in the Apple Scarce Money, Debt Slavery, Tax and Uncertainty  
by Steve Cook

Why doesn’t the economy run right?
What is the source of our economic constraints?
What is the basic monetary barrier to our freedom to flourish and prosper?
What underpins the power of the bankster/corporate "elite"? 
How can it be put right?
With a simple explanation this book side-steps the smoke screen of complexity that hides some simple truths.

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Lift the Burden A Blueprint for Ethical Government

by Steve Cook
(A companion to The Worm in the Apple)

If honest men could re-think, design and build their own government, it would be a government as yet unseen on planet Earth.
  • But it would be a government you might quite like - an ally in your effort to survive.
  • What would its purpose be?
  • What would it contain?
  • What would it leave out?