Non Fiction

The Worm in the Apple 
by Steve Cook

Scarce Money, Debt Slavery, Tax and Uncertainty  
Why doesn’t the economy run right?
  • What is the source of our economic constraints? 
  • What is the basic monetary barrier to our freedom to flourish and prosper?
  • What underpins the power of the bankster/corporate "elite"? With a simple explanation this book side-steps the smoke screen of complexity that hides some simple truths.
"What a read. Quite a bit to chew on and think about but some very, very well made points and conclusions!!"  DJ Edinburgh

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Lift the Burden 
A Blueprint for Ethical Government
by Steve Cook

(A companion to The Worm in the Apple)

If honest men could re-think, design and build their own government, it would be a government as yet unseen on planet Earth.
But it would be a government you might quite like - an ally in your effort to survive.
What would its purpose be?
What would it contain?
What would it leave out?

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