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How to get a free page on DoubleDare

I will create a free page on the DoubleDare website for any true artist or person or group involved in the arts who wants one. If you would like a free page, all you have to do is contact me and send me some samples of your work or a ,link where I can see your work.

If I like what I see (or hear etc etc) and think you are a TRUE ARTIST, I will send you and invitation. Now, we all have personal tastes and it might be that some musician or writer or what-have-you might produce art that is not quite my cup of tea. But just because their work is not quite to my personal taste does not mean it isn't art. Personal preferences aside, I can recognise art when I see it and my sole purpose for this project is to do a little bit to back up the planet's artistic endeavour.

And you don't have to be previously published, recognised or successful either. You can be a completely new painter whose paintings have never before been seen by anyone except your cat or a globally famous Rock God, it doesn't matter. You just have to be an artist producing art. If you are, I'll invite you.

If you accept my invitation, I will get busy and create a page for you.

What I'll need from you is:
  • A brief bio telling me about yourself, your life and your art.
  • Any pictures you would like displayed on your page.
  • Any links you would like displayed on your page
  • I can embed a video on your page if required but I'll need you to give me a link to it on Youtube.
  • Links to any songs/tracks you would like on your page.
If you already have a website(s),  blog(s) and so forth with the above material on them, then all I would need is your permission to copy some of the material from your site.

I will then create a page for you and send you the link. If there is anything you are not happy with, I will change it. If at any time you decide you no longer want a page, just ask and I will delete it for you.

If you are creative in more than one distinct artistic endeavour, then I can create a separate page for each one. For instance, if you write songs and paint pictures, I can if you wish provide a page for you as a songwriter and a page for you as a fine artist.

If you browse around the DoubleDare site, you will see the pages I have already built for other artists, which should give you some idea of what will be needed.

After a bit of trial and error, I have figured out there are two types of pages that artists need.

If you are an artist who does not already have a web page or blog providing a good shop window for your talent, then your DoubleDare page can fill that gap until such a time as you have one. We can therefore make sure there is as much on the page as possible that will catch the visitor's attention, get them to stay and, hopefully, persuade them to contact you.

If you are an artist who already has one or more websites, blogs etc showcasing their talent. The goal of the Doubledare page in that case is to get the visitor interested enough to click through and visit your blog, website or online shop or gallery. It therefore needs enough material to get the visitor interested and persuade them to click through, In other words, not too much material lest they see everything they need to see on your DoubleDare page and feel no need to click through to your site.

I will do my very best to take these two distinct needs into account and strike the right balance.

Every artist who requests a page will automatically receive membership of the Facebook Club for DoubeDare Artists.

The way you can contact me is very simple:
  • email me at, or 
  • leave a message with me on Facebook or Twitter
While I will provide a free page for any artist, I do contend that the artist, like any other citizen, is responsible for the beneficial or harmful effects he or she creates on the culture. As I do not wish to bring harm to my fellow citizens, I won't publish art that pushes the following:
  1. porn
  2. illegality
  3. hatred or bigotry on the grounds of race, creed or sexual persuasion
  4. drugs
  5. war
  6. psychiatry
An artist can have a political view and I will promote his or her work via a DoubleDare page, regardless of my own political views, PROVIDED it does not contravene 1-6 above.


Email me if you have any questions

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