This started life as my personal blog, the main platform by which I promote my own writing.

As the DoubleDare website project evolved, it naturally became the site's official blog, through which updates and so forth could be posted. It seemed sensible to use the existing blog, which was already getting a fair amount of visits (after a lot of hard work), rather than start a new one from scratch.

Some tweaks and adjustments are required to fit the blog's persona to its new role.

Now, I love this new project and the game of promoting other artists but I have been reluctant to abandon even for its sake, the effort of promoting my own work.

So that accounts for this blog's slightly schizophrenic character as it serves the purpose of promoting artists in  general while at the same time continuing to promote yours truly in particular.

The simple truth of the matter is that while I want to help my fellow artists, I also want to help me and fully intend to keep doing so, although I hope I can strike a fair balance.

In the immortal words of Jennifer Saunders in the sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, " I don't want to be selfish darling, but this is about me, me, me!"

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