The Poetry for Peace Challenge, Day 19. Another Sonnet.

Tonight I was in the  mood for it so I thought I'd do another sonnet. I do like sonnets! Hope you do too!

Sonnet: How Oft Doth Fate Confound

by Steve Cook

How oft doth fate confound our good intent
When bitter fruit we reap though sweet was sown,
Or starting on some course with goals well meant
Find our most sanguine strivings overthrown.
Resolving to live well and do good things
The vessel of our fondest hopes sets sail
Yet wind and tide conspire it seems to bring
It 'pon foul shoals to founder and to fail.
'Gainst loss and each reverse we vent our spleen
Resent the ebb and flow of fickle winds;
Forgetting when fate smiled upon our dreams 
We're blind to the memory of our wins.
Know then from all the good and bad times passed,
Whatever each days brings, it will not last.

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