The Poetry for Peace Challenge, Day 18

The challenge is I have to write a brand new poem each day for a year. Here is the poem for yesterday, 4th May 2018. I'm a little late publishing it but I got there in the end. Now I just have to write today's poem . . .  

Mine, All Mine!
by Steve Cook

My personal problems are mine and mine alone

To closely hold and cherish for my very own,
And the sins for which I try but never quite atone
Are entirely and exclusively home-grown.

So when you get to know me, be not surprised

To learn my faults are coveted and prized, 
While the altar of regret accepts in daily sacrifice 
The self-respect that's obviously despised.

My flaws are mine to keep so take them not away,

These disappointing traits, these lacks and lapses fey,
Held with vice-like grip throughout my days
Lest I be left without a game to play.

They gift my life with entertaining sorrows

And assure me I'll be not bored tomorrow. 
This self-created blueprint for living I must follow
Is mine and mine alone, just like my shadow.

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