Poetry for Peace, day 36: Like a River

Day 36, Tuesday 22nd May 2018, of my year-long challenge. Which means I am a tenth of the way through (yippee!) In  other words, I only have to write ten times as many poems as I have already written (bummer). I don't know if I can keep going.
The effort of pretending I am not enjoying myself is excruciating.

Like a River

by Steve Cook

Think of your time like a river

Bubbling out of a fissure
In the bedrock of your dreams,
Winding down through life's episodes,
Vicissitudes and scenes that lie
Strewn like meadows, watersheds  
And quaggy shallows
Amid the gently sloping years.
Where shadows dance to the tune
Of sunlight singing among the trees, 
The current bears you like a coracle
And the breeze whispers subliminal
Messages like invisible friends
Crouched inscrutable as oracles 
At every bend until
The delta open its arms
To send you into the embrace
Of the slumbering sea.

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