Poetry for Peace, day 34: The Stars are Waiting.

Day34, Sunday 20th May 2018. Not in a good mood today. Sick of the endless bickering by which humanity wastes ninety percent of its time on Earth. An alien visitor looking down on this planet
or tapping into our social networks would think he had arrived at an asylum or a planet inhabited by chattering monkeys or grizzling babies. I think this poem reflects the frustration and impatience of my mood. There are of course billions of noble exceptions to my criticism but all I can say its whoever is setting the overall tone of this planet is a total plonker.

The Stars are Waiting

by Steve Cook

The stars are waiting.
If you could just stop the bickering
And petty squabbling,
Drop the puerile, unworkable isms
And infantile faith in barmy politicians,
Grow up and act like grown-up spirits,
You might find there's a universe to conquer,
Instead of each other,
The latter being kind of inane
And pointless -
And somewhat embarrassing -
When you think about it.
There are worlds to explore,
Infinite terrains to map,
Mysteries to unwrap
From their wafer-thing carapace
Of enigma,
If you could just knock off the crap
For a moment.
And, what's more, 
The sadly neglected jungle 
Behind your forehead
Could perhaps do with some attention.
There are worlds standing barren
For want of your husbandry,
Ready to blossom like gardens
If you could dispense with
The tendency to recriminations
And wagging fingers of accusation
Over the back fences of
The forgotten wastelands
Of your exile
On the edge of a small, frail Galaxy.
Time to stop the chitchat,
Yakey-yak and claptrap
That stands proxy for wisdom
And get into action.
The stars are waiting.

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