Poetry for Peace, day 33: Game On!

Game on indeed! This is the poem for yesterday, Saturday 19th May 2018. Didn't get a chance to publish it last night, so here it is this morning. Today's poem will follow later (I hope). I am very pleased and proud to be joined today by the American writer and artist
George Yesthal. His beautiful poem "To my Grandchildren, a Heartfelt Apology" is featured below. Enjoy!

Game On!

Life is a game,
If you can imagine
A cross between
Dungeons and Dragons,
Cluedo, MMA
And Russian Roulette.
What keeps it interesting is
The possibility of victory
And the chance of defeat.

To My Grandchildren
(A Heartfelt Apology)
by George A. Yesthal

I never wanted this for you
This worm-gear twisted world.
I wanted wonder waterfalls
Diamonds, gold and pearls.

I wished a dream of unicorns
And mojo magic too.
And dancing bears from fairy tales
To promenade for you.

That every wish you could invent
Would be born up to you
By genies so ethereal
But always loyal and true.

But closet monsters haunt this world
And zombies prowl the streets
Politicians rule the roost
And there’s nothing safe to eat.

We’re told whom we can’t marry
No matter who we love.
The airport’s got x-ray machines
And thugs with rubber gloves.

The government’s run by criminals
That ignore the people’s needs
Fueled by theft and larceny,
Immorality and greed.

The president’s a potentate
Thinks only of himself.
He plots our global downfall
Like some evil little elf.

Conflagration rages on
And takes the shape of war.
Our sovereignty’s sold to the highest bidder
A pathetic pimped out whore.

Bankers call the shots today
And own ever so much
They own our homes, our cars, our lives
With their evil Midas touch.

I regret this is your legacy.
Here’s hoping that you might
Succeed where we have failed you
And finally win this fight.

If I had my wish of wonders
And miracles sublime…
I’d make damned sure that you were born
Into a better time.

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