Poetry for Peace, day 32: And On The Other Hand . . .

Day 32! One  month completed and a new one started! So I have managed to write a poem every day for an entire month. 
Only eleven more to go! It is much harder than I thought it would be and I am not sure if I can keep up for another 334 days the pretense that I am not enjoying myself. Still, I've had a lifetime of practice, as have we all, so I am sure I can manage it.

The Others

by Steve Cook

When the game of this 

Universe began
Sides were chosen; 
United behind their colours;
We, The Spirits, 
On the one hand
Versus, on the other hand,
The Others.
Survival's a team game
And the game became 
A trap when 
The Others sprang 
The neat trick
Of divide-and-conquer
And we forgot that
We are brothers.

We are brothers.

We . . . are . . . brothers.


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