Poetry for Peace, day 31 - Happy Birthday Daughter!

I never planned it this way but Day 31, the completion of the first month of my challenge happens to be my eldest daughter, Siobhan's, birthday so it is fitting that Poem 31 should celebrate the occasion.

Happy Birthday Daughter

by Steve Cook

I still remember 
The day you were born
As if it were yesterday.
I was right there (so was your mother)
When you opened your eyes.

You weighed up
The prospects of your new life
With immanent humour
And wonder in large measure
At the vista of a new world
To conquer.

You made me so happy I cried
When no-one was watching
And my tears 
Were like the warm rain
Of imminent summer,

I am still weeping for joy
Thirty-three years later
But I won't tell anyone,
Not even in a poem.

This poem may not be 
Shakespeare but it passes 
A poem's greatest test:
Does the poet shed tears
Whilst writing it?

Making someone else happy
Is the greatest effect 
One can create and I bet
My bottom dollar
You'll go on creating it

Happy birthday, Siobhan!

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