Poetry for Peace, day 30 The Beauty of our Race

Day Thirty, Wednesday May 16th 2018! A twelfth of the way through my challenge! Which means I only have to write twelve times as many poems as I have already. Oh dear God!

Anyway, I didn't set out to write a sonnet (sonnets are really really hard) but I seem to be possessed by some sort of demon that is really in to poetry and before I knew it, I'd written one. Demons that are into poetry, by the way, are among the worst hellspawn. In the hierarchy of evil, only Demons that are into crochet are worse.

The Beauty of our Race

by Steve Cook

Just for a moment will you think on it

And when at last you see it be amazed,
The riches bestowed this gifted planet
The wonder that surrounds you all your days.
Witness miracles so great in number
They defy the fullness of their counting
Our dreams sure have torn the dark assunder
And regaled the gods with tales astounding.
With stride of giants our race advancing
And courage our detractors could not quell,
While the sound of Man's defamers sneering
Was lost upon some breeze that blew in hell.
But one truth stays unchanged through all that time:
The beauty of our race is womankind.

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