Poetry for Peace, day 29: Weeping for Palestine

Day 29, Tuesday 15th May. So far so good. keeping this going by the skin of my teeth. Today's effort touches upon one of my interests:
how the gaolers or slave-masters (call these parasites what you will) of Earth keep its inmates at one another's throats and too busy fighting one another to muster the energy for a jail-break or revolt. The recent events in Palestine are a case in point. The region's spiraling hatreds are kept on the boil and people at one another's throats by a carefully judged provocation.

Weeping for Palestine

by Steve Cook

With malice aforethought,
A massive provocation
Provokes predictable 
Over an embassy in Jerusalem.
The pirate nation green-lights
The none-too-bright
Slaughtermen of Zion
To rampage in Palestine.
The pain is unbearable
And we weep for the people,
The Jews and the Gentiles
Caught in the crossfire
Of some psychotic aberration
As the gaolers of the planet
Manufacture differences
And make sure they're never
Meanwhile, the masterminds 
In Washington
Keep sanity in exile
As once again a slightly dim 
Performs like a marionette
For the devious cells
Of the parasitic evil
Buried in the brain
Of America.

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