Poetry for Peace, Day 28. The Zen of Time , plus Guest Poet, Gill Kaye

Day 28. Monday 14th May 2018.  I present today's poem, plus a beautiful poem by guest poet Gill Kaye, whom I am delighted to welcome aboard as the first guest on Poetry for Peace.

I invite anyone who is a poet or who simply  feels inspired to send me their poems and I will publish them alongside my daily poems. My personal challenge is to write a new poem every day for a year, which, quite honestly, is a lot harder than I thought it would be. 

What I would like though, and what  makes it all worthwhile, is for other poets to join me so that each day it is not just my own efforts that are being published on this blog. Guests do not have to write a poem every day unless they feel like it. They can send a poem as and when they want to. 

I'm hoping that as this moves forward we will end up with a lot of poetry  being created and presented each day.

All right?

The Zen of Time

by Steve Cook

Day ending,
The world turning
Its face from the sun,
Spinning through the dark
Like an eye blinking
Or the pulse of time like a heartbeat.
Motion in nothingness,
Strokes on the mind's canvas 
With the brushless brush,
Light-dark-light endlessly beginning.

In the beginning was the Word
And the Word was, "Thus!"

The Warmth of Friendship
a beautiful sonnet by Guest Poet, Gill Kaye

With candle glow and halls bedecked with lights
And sumptuous food and wines that warm our core,
Conversation and laughter that delights,
We’re welcomed warmly to your home once more.

Against the strains of music soft and sweet,
The ebb and flow of dialogue doth sound
And friends become where mere acquaintance meet
And harmony where common bonds are found.

And you, our host, the author of this scene,
Whose love of life, of food, of friends is clear,
Sit beaming like the cat that got the cream
To think what band of hedonists is here!

For dearth of pleasure, passion, takes its toll
And warmth of friendship kindles all our souls.

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