Poetry for peace, day 25. What's Wrong with You?

Well all right! Day 25, which was yesterday and I am still a day behind. Bummer! Never mind, if I can think of one more poem before the day is done I will be caught up. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, hot off the press  . . .

What's Wrong with You?

by Steve Cook

Today I was thinking fondly
Of all the people I have met,
That bestow a timeless beauty
On this world by woes beset.
In the machine the ghosts are shining
Brighter than the sun,
Yet they think their light declining
By that one thought undone.
To me, each one of you is glory
Caught in a game that became a trap,
Who each writes his own story,
Creates the bait and plots the map.
And here's the secret closely kept -
The forgotten truth that is your due -
There's nothing wrong with you except
You think there's something wrong with you.

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