Poetry for Peace, day 22 - two Haikai

This is the poem|(s) for day 22, 8th May 2018, which is yesterday at this writing so I am still managing to be a little behind. On the plus side though, I'm managing to
keep going and. have so far produced a poem of one sort or another for 22 straight days. As I was never a prolific poet until I took on this challenge, that's not too bad. Yet it is somewhat daunting to realise that I still have 341 days to go! I will be amazed if I can pull this off. If other poets and artists would join me it would help but thus far, no takers so it looks like I'm on my own on this one.

In the meantime, here are two haikai, strictly speaking that's two poems but, hey,  there's no extra charge . . . 

Haiku One

Feel the sun thinking
Dreaming light into being
In the beginning

Haiku Two

Why write poetry?
I could be sharing my spleen
Right now on Facebook

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