Poetry for Peace. Day 21. Who Once Were Gods

It's five to midnight. Finished tonight's poem in the nick of time!

Who Once Were Gods
by Steve Cook

Whatever we believe we are, so do we become,
Immortal gods cast down and by self deceit undone,
By untruths we are told so oft we think they must be so
And from the lies we sowed, a forest thick of blindness grows. 

The defamers and decriers of our star-born race
Tell us with authority we're naught but beasts
Or the high priests swear we're spirits by our Maker loathed,
Eternally despised for the flaws that He himself bestowed.

Beyond redemption, degraded and condemned
In a prison of conviction consigned this race of men
By self deprecating twaddle too much esteemed
Who once were gods who fashioned worlds from dreams.

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