Gifted Planet - Victoria Ellis

Victoria Ellis is an English full-time artist, living and working in Norfolk. Her studies in fine art, with a concentration on life drawing, gave her a classical background for the design process of her ceramic creations. 

The intricate patterns that flow and interweave throughout her work she elaborately cuts into clay to form with consummate and breathtaking precision and skill.

The firing of bas relief is a craft favoured by few artists because the
the fierce heat of the kiln warps and cracks the clay, creating all manner of difficulty in achieving a good product.Years of devoted persistence have enabled Victoria to overcome the craft's inherent difficulties .

As you will see in the video below, every stage of Victoria’s work is done by hand from design to sculpting and she devotes many hours to this highly labour-intensive process. 

As a result, each piece she creates is totally unique, capturing the admiration.

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