I want to support and encourage fellow artists so I created the DoubleDareArt website where I am pleased and proud to present to you some wonderful artists from around the world. Here you will find painters, sculptors, illustrators, writers, designers and much more. Whatever your artistic preference, please pay DoubleDareArt a visit now and see if you can find something you like.


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I'm 80 pages into Steve Cook's book, "Interference". My God, what an amazing book! Totally and completely absorbing, entertaining and even enlightening. Buy it! L.F.

Features books of verse and free poems in the Poetry for Peace 2018 Challenge

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Poetry for peace, day 40: The Rap of Liberation - 2nd Movement

This is Day 40 of the Poetry for Peace Challenge 2018-2019. Here is Poem#40. I've learned a lot by doing this but it seems to be getting a little easier. It can be hard when one is tired, not in the mood, short of time or getting up at five in the morning to write a poem but it seems to me that with practice one can turn the creative juices on at will. The only reason we "can't" do it is when we tell ourselves we can't. Try it! Click here for poem

Create a Nice Day - with Larry Jaffe
Today's featured artist is the American poet Larry Jaffe, the renowned purveyor of fine words. Please check out his Resident Artist page on the DoubleDare Art website

Cuisine is an art form. Amber Spiegel's cookies exemplify that truth - and then some! I don't know whether anybody actually eats them. They are no doubt as delicious as they are aesthetic to look at but eating them would would surely be a crime on a par with chewing Beethoven's sheet music or making a Rembrandt into a hat.

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