DOUBLEDARE: DARE TO DREAM . . . Good Evening Everyone!

The DoubleDare project is the most enjoyable and rewarding project I have done. It is an absolute pleasure to work with fellow artists on the purpose of giving them a helping hand. There are sooooooo many highly talented people out there and many of you don't realise just how good you are.

For those of you who do not yet know what the DoubleDare project is, check out the link below.

Don't forget that I will build a free page on the DoubleDare website for any artist or any person or group working in the arts - just like the ones you see already on the site This is a no-strings offer. I am doing it simply because I like it and have have a tremendous amount of fun creating these pages for you. Don't be shy, this is for ANY artist, whether aspiring, established or already top of the tree. If you want a page, just message me or leave a comment.

My blog has now been redesigned to fit its new role as the blog for the DoubleDare website.

I will soon be producing a DoubleDare magazine. Stay tuned for more info.

I will also be introducing an "Announcements" feature whereby if you want to announce a gig, exhibition, signing, release and so forth - any artistic event - you can send me the details and I will publish it on the website and blog.

And finally, I am looking at the possibility of creating in the not too distant future another site, a sister site to DoubleDareArt called DoubleDareProdigy. This will be for youngsters. I will create a page for any talented child to display their art. The purpose is to encourage the kids and nurture the great artists of the future. I would be very interested in your views and feedback on this idea.

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Take a look at the DoubleDare blog now

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