Dare to Dream (for who dares wins)

Dare to Dream

Supporting and promoting the planet's creative community

(This article was just published on LinkedIn but I am re-posting it here as it provides a concise summary of what the DoubleDare project is all about.)

I have now set up the DoubleDare website where I provide a FREE page for any artist who wants one. The response has been tremendous and I absolutely LOVE this project and working with my fellow artists.

My goal, as I pointed out yesterday to a friend only half in jest, is to help make Planet Earth the arts centre of the galaxy. Please join me and help me create something special (I sure don't have enough talent to do it on my own!).

If you would like a page on my site please just message me here on Linked In or email me at ablecopywriter|@gmail.com and I will be very pleased to help.

Take a look at DoubleDare now.

Accordingly, I have redesigned my personal blog to fit its new incarnation as the blog of the DoubleDare project. Visit the DoubleDare blog now and see what it is all about. As the blog is now less about me me me and much more about my fellow artists, my own stuff is still there (I'm not a self-sacrificing idiot) but I have moved it off centre-stage to this page of the blog.

I have also set up a club on Facebook for DoubleDare artists so that they can share with one another ideas, inspiration, news and the general excitement and joy of creating.



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