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Vladimir Putin to Flood West with Marmite Substitute Click here

Epidemic of Mentally Ill Toys. Shock! Click here

Armed French Police Surround Man with Beard Click here

Brexit Booster for British Space Programme Click here

At Last, the Truth! CIA releases controversial Kennedy Files! Click here

In Yer Face, Putin Click here

Controversy at UN as many Countries Change their Names Click here

Heartbroken Leatherhead Man Betrayed by Unfaithful Sex Doll Click here

Mental Health Shock! Click here

Millions of Voters in Plot to Rig Election, Shock! Click here

Your Emperor's Christmas Message Click here

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Cinema Click here

President-elect to endorse the Turnip Click here

Alcohol: the Myth Debunked Click here

New Tory Manifesto to Include Plans for Armageddon It Completely Forgot to Mention in the Last One Click here

Washington helps everybody know what is going on despite IQ drop Click here

Rise of the Brain Dead Series 2: The Game of Loons Click here

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