The Economic Apple has a Ruddy Great Worm in it.

 Find out what it is and how to get rid of it

This is an exerpt from my book, The Worm in the Apple, which I wrote to make available vital information every citizen should know if he wants his country and civilisation to survive in good health. You can pick up a pdf of this book completely free of charge. Just email me at

It is the experience of most honest people that all manner of difficulties are put in their road: rising prices, extortionate taxes, inflation, debt, mortgages, meltdowns and mayhem.

The economy penalizes honest production and rewards - and even elevates to high social status - all manner of parasites who don’t produce. In other words, it's a disorganized mess, the traps and barriers of which are often hard to see amid the complexity that passes for economics and the incomprehensible waffle that governments and the media spew out as “explanations” of why things aren’t running right.

If one wishes to make something run better one has to first know the cause of it running badly so that one can remove that cause. At the risk of flogging to death the analogy I used earlier, imagine a car. It is a very fine, powerful car but it just won’t run. It coughs and splutters and dies.

Try as one might one cannot work out what is wrong with it. One has the bonnet up; one checks everything from the carburettor to the fuel pump, from the state of the battery to whether there is any fuel in the tank.

One changes the spark plugs and renews the cam belt and checks the timing. Yet still it won’t run. One sacks one’s mechanic and hires a new one and the new man goes over the thing with a fine tooth comb and winds up with a blank look on his face and a helpless shrug.

So one sacks him and hires yet another mechanic who also fails to make the car go. So one dumps the car and buys a new one, a different model. But this one manifests the same problems and off we go again on a now familiar merry-go-round of frustrations.

In the end perhaps one concludes in exasperation that “cars are just unreliable things” and that “mechanics are con merchants who don’t really know what they are doing.” None of which solves the problem, which we have now decided is beyond the wit of Man to resolve.

What on Earth can be wrong with these ruddy cars?

One gets even more basic than spark plugs and the state of the battery and one day checks the nature of the fuel itself.

Now that’s well south of where we would expect the cause of the problem to lie. The nature of the fuel itself is above suspicion because “everybody knows” there’s gasoline in the tank. Of course there is!

Yet, lo and behold, one discovers that the station where we buy the fuel has been selling us kerosene labelled as gasoline.

So one buys one’s fuel elsewhere, makes sure it’s actually gasoline in the tank, cleans out the engine of the residues of counterfeit fuel and the car runs like a The Worm in the Apple by Stephen Cook - 150 - dream.

The problem with our spluttering, disaster-prone economy is just about that ridiculously basic - and in this chapter I am going to sketch out an explanation of that basic for you.

The Worm in the Apple is available feee in pdf foprmat. Just email me at for your free copy