The #planet is getting better despite what the #media wants you to believe Check out this video 
The artist who did this totally gorgeous #painting is Gill Bustamante. She is also designing the cover for my latest #novel, Demon Gene, so as you can imagine I am very excited. Check out this gorgeous painting and loads more on her website.

The Long Walk 2015

Nice reminder of the walk I did a couple of years ago to #raisefunds for the #DrugFree Kids #campaign

I got as far as the Forth Bridge in Scotland in the end before the pain from a broken toe got too much and I had to retire via a trip to hospital in Dunfermline. 

With some detours I reckon I did over a thousand miles in the end. See the facebook post here


I herewith declare myself to be a #patriot of Earth.

All efforts to sow division and undermine human #brotherhood are in greater or lesser degree treasonous. 

Bear Grylls

Just saw this very nice Tweet from #BearGrylls with highly complimentary views on the #Muslim scouting community. See it here

Movie Reviews

Here's a couple of off-the-cuff #moviereviews for the Holiday season.

#VALERIAN: a great scifi space opera romp with plenty of humour, action, special effects and interesting alien species. If you can get past the strange voice of the lead actor (who must walk through life with a voice that sounds as if it has been dubbed) you will love it. Score 9/10

#DARKTOWER: a gripping Stephen King science fantasy story very well translated into a movie. The scary villain is very excellently and creepily played by Matthew McConaughey and the hero is a boy of about eleven who nevertheless holds in his own very ably (a bright future there forTom Taylor). Co-stars the English actor Idris Elba who provides his usual powerful presence. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Evidently part of a planned series so looking forward to the sequels. Score 8/10

Steve's Articles: satire and humor for The Daily Scare

Vladimir Putin to Flood West with Marmite Substitute Click here

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Rise of the Brain Dead Series 2: The Game of Loons Click here

Brexit Booster for British Space Programme

Major toy manufacturer to sponsor innovative attempt to reach Moon before Richard Branson!

The Britsh space effort, which last year put a Chimpanzee on the Isle of Wight, has today received a massive post-Brexit shot in the arm.

At Last, the Truth! CIA releases controversial Kennedy Files!

The US government has just courageously allowed the release of the CIA's hitherto classified Kennedy Files. The documents enter the public domain in a form far less redacted than any other incriminating document in US history.

Latest Russian Marmite Scare! The Full Horror Revealed!

Vladimir #Putin to flood the West with #Marmite subsitute, shock!

Tesco's recent refusal to stock Marmite has ignited a firestorm of fury that threatens to tear civilisation apart. It started when Swiss company Unilever owned up to being Marmite's manufacturer.

Global Shortage Threatens the Economy

by Steve Cook

The government was left reeling with shock today, its plans for economic recovery in tatters, with the discovery of a global shortage of ruthless dictators.

The ruthless dictator scarcity looks set to hit the economy of the United States the hardest, as it relies on a regular supply of demented megalomaniacs to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Galaxy Quest meets The VIcar of Dibley

My short novel, The Cutter Files: Alien Incursion was reviewed in the Summer 2017 edition of Ingen/e magazine. Here is an excerpt:

"This is no War of the Worlds or Independence Day, more like Galaxy Quest meets The Vicar of Dibley.

Security Agencies Crack Down on Home Baking

by Steve Cook
Security services the world over are on high alert in the aftermath of the recent Airport Cupcake Scare in the United States, in which a “woman” was caught red-handed trying to bring two cupcakes aboard a plane at Las Vegas airport.

Heartbroken Leatherhead Man Jilted by Sex Doll

by Steve Cook 
Distraught Arthur Mental (49) of Leatherhead in Surrey to sue the PerviDo Corporation for a sum experts have described as “undisclosed yet probably ridiculous” . . . Read the full story here

Mental Health Shock!

by Steve Cook
Millions of Journalists and Politicians Diagnosed with CLD as Mental Health Epidemic Spreads. Read full story here

Millions of Voters in Plot to Rig Election, Shock!

by Steve Cook
An investigation has today been launched in an effort to get to the bottom of the latest election-rigging scandal. Read the article here.