The Daily Scare Latest Horrors

Okay, so I have been quiet on this blog for a while. But here are some of the latest articles on my satirical blog, The Daily Scare. Please check them out; it won't cost you anything except maybe your sanity:
  1. Your Emperor's Christmas Message
  2. Vladimir Putin to Flood West with Marmite Substitute!
  3. Just when you thought it was safe to go to the Cinema . . . The World has been afflicted by a new biological anomaly as the superhero pandemic spreads
  4. President-elect to endorse the Turnip One of the most closely guarded secrets of the American presidential elections is that Donald Trump is secretly planning to endorse the turnip as soon as he takes over as Leader of the Free World (Mars).
  5. Alcohol: the Myth Debunked
  6. NewTory Manifesto to Include Plans for Armageddon It Completely Forgot to Mention in the Last One
  7. In Yer Face, Putin A shock discovery proves that Washington was right all along and not, as everyone thought, run by criminally insane douche bags who happened to have gotten their hands on the biggest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in the history of the universe.
  8. Washington helps everybody know what is going on despite IQ drop
  9. Europe Introduces New National Anthem - Nobody Outraged
  10. Joris Bohnson Alters History, Tells Fibs for World Peace
  11. Rise of the Brain Dead Series 2: The Game of Loons
  12. Scientists Discover Worst Epidemic in the History of the Universe
  13. Controversy at UN as many Countries Change their Names