Breaking Out from the grass Roots to the Stars

A Review of HMV’s new release "Breaking Out" by Dave Press and the Press Gang

If you are not already a fan of rock maestro Dave Press, you sure will be after to hear this new album.

Beautifully varied, the album’s tracks give Dave and the band ample room to demonstrate their range and virtuosity, with gentle, heartfelt compositions like the gorgeous ballad “Me and the Butterfly” balancing and complementing some rip-roaring rock and roll numbers such as the pulsating, “Crazy Daze”. To be honest it is very difficult to listen to Crazy Daze AND type a review of it at the same time. So excuse me for a moment while I finish a couple of air guitar riffs ....

...that’s better!” The album is professionally produced and performed and very, very tight. You can almost hear the years of experience, the many, many grassroots gigs performed to rapt audiences that nourish and empower the music. It throbs and pulsates so if you are up for a bit of throbbing and pulsating, then it’s definitely for you. Great musicianship coupled with Dave Press’ powerful and emotive voice guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You’ll have to excuse me if I end this review now, mid the track “It Rains” that is tickling my brain through my headphones as I write. I have just GOT to stop for some rather exuberant finger-drumming on my table.

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