Sex, Entrapment, Blackmail, Subversion: how our planet wound up being run by criminals

It has become increasingly apparent that an unacceptable state of affairs exists regarding the self-appointed “elite” that has hijacked some nations nations and utterly wrecked others. This planet is essentially being run by criminals and when you look about you, you see the mismanaged, corrupt, violent, unstable, miserable mess that is the inevitable consequence of placing men without morals, scruples or basic decency towards their fellows in a position of lordship over the affairs of billions of decent human beings.

In fact the upper echelons of power in many nations are being increasingly exposed as wallowing in a cesspool of corruption. This did not happen over night. It only appears to have done because it is only now coming to light.

It is the consequence of a protracted period of decay, in which governments – always an inevitably attractive target for corrupt and greedy men seeking licence for theft, licentiousness or the indulgence in various psychotic fantasies and urges involving suppression of their fellows – become infiltrated by criminals. Little by little decent honest men are pushed aside, or killed or betrayed or black-PRed or otherwise neutralised and positions of power or influence are occupied by men of criminal disposition.

Once the policy-making apparatus and regulatory bodies are thus subverted, the honest citizen has had it.

The following article from Veterans Today in the US gives us insight into one such process of erosion and subversion through the use of mechanisms second-nature to the criminal: entrapment and blackmail – perhaps THE primary process in use at this time to subvert government itself and render the criminal immune to the justice procedures that might have curbed his destructive excesses.

Sex is an easy tool to use if your game is to entrap, blackmail and render servile your fellow human beings because man tends to fixate on sex. Psychiatrists have known this for a long time and you will find members of that particular control cult make it their business to move in close to men of influence and power.

This particular scandal has been going on for a long while. It could have been nipped in the bud before it became so pervasive, had honest men been more vigilant. But in many respects it has been protected by the fact that what is happening is too incredible for the majority of people to believe it.

Unfortunately it IS happening, no matter the evil is almost too much to confront.

And we had better stir ourselves to demand change and improvement in this appalling state of affairs before our entire civilisation is flushed down the toilet.