The following excellent article comes from Freedom magazine. It provides in our view a very concise account of how criminal corporations are operating parasitically upon what is at its grass-roots an essentially peacefully inclined and freedom-loving nation.

These corporations, or more accurately the criminal individuals driving and devising their policies, keep America in a perpetual state of war or preparedness for war, mainly through the concoction or provocation of real or imaginary external threats that hold American culture in a state of fear.

Is a drugged-up President a good idea?

Jon Rappoport asks, Hillary: what drugs is she on? Good question!

The principle here is very simple: it is a very, very bad idea to place in charge of anything let alone a country someone who is mentally ill and/or on psych or other meds that adversely affect their mood, judgement, suicidal tendencies, empathy, impulse control, perception and so forth. It is an especially bad idea when the country one is placing them in charge of commands a massive war machine and a nuclear arsenal capable of wiping us all out.

Sex, Entrapment, Blackmail, Subversion: how our planet wound up being run by criminals

It has become increasingly apparent that an unacceptable state of affairs exists regarding the self-appointed “elite” that has hijacked some nations nations and utterly wrecked others. This planet is essentially being run by criminals and when you look about you, you see the mismanaged, corrupt, violent, unstable, miserable mess that is the inevitable consequence of placing men without morals, scruples or basic decency towards their fellows in a position of lordship over the affairs of billions of decent human beings.

In fact the upper echelons of power in many nations are being increasingly exposed as wallowing in a cesspool of corruption. This did not happen over night. It only appears to have done because it is only now coming to light.

Dollar Domination: how a crime syndicate operating through Washington strangled an entire planet

The following article from Sovereign Man gives you an insight into from where springs much of the global power of the US-based bankster elite and their proxies that have thoroughly infiltrate that country’s government. It gives you the mechanism that explains how the most indebted and insolvent country on the planet can nevertheless afford to go on building and maintaining a monstrous war machine that its “elite” then use to smash-up, intimidate, plunder and terrorise other counties.

This description places the blame on Obama but Obama is a front man for a crime syndicate that is becoming increasingly oafish – a blundering, rampaging giant who is not in fact all that bright but relies on brute strength to make up for what he lacks in true intellect.

Breaking News: Armed French Police Surround Man with Beard

French police today arrested a man after he terrorised a beach in a suspected Muslim outrage.

John Bystander, 23, a British holidaymaker from from Dun Working in Surrey, was sunbathing on the beach at Pas De Fromage, on the French Riviera when he was surrounded by armed police in full combat gear from the elite anti terrorist unit known as the SRRE (Squad Rapid Réaction Exagérée).

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Appalling NATO/US lawlessness making Russia look good

Turkey’s NATO Exit & the New Turkey-Russia Alliance: A Turning Point in the Global Power Structure

The following is a fascinating discussion on the shifting geopolitical position that resuklts from NATO’s support or even instigation of the failed Turkey Coup. This was yet another US-led attempt to bring down an elected government, and in this instance the government of an ally no less.

The Turkish government, having learned that with friends like NATO you don’t need enemies, has begun to reevaluate whom it can trust and there is a real possibility it will leave NATO and seek alliance with Russia.

Merchant of Fear Funding Global Warming Fearmongering

This latest expose is best understood in the light of the discredited global warming scam that is rigged to accrue massive profits for the banksters.

Essentially, the more the public can be persuaded to buy the doom, gloom and fear of the global warming lie and acquiesce in the money-making wheeze of carbon credits, the more money the banksters make. It is is hardly surprising then that flanking this effort we find the arch bankster and cultural wrecking ball, George Soros, pouring funds in the direction of Al Gore, the fake climate change guru.

We are all for clean, renewable energy and responsible husbandry of the planet but consider that such efforts should be based on reason and a sense of responsibility for the future - of which human beings are perfectly capable - without the sly coercion of fear-mongering and false reports, especially when the fear-mongering and false reports support a scam that enriches banksters at everyone else's expense.

Exposed: banks and financiers funding both ours and Russia’s nuclear arsenals

Wow!! This excellent article from our friends at Make Wars History is a real gem and an eye-opener. It is well worth a thorough read.

It exposes the role of internationaL financiers and banks such as RBS, Barclays and the infamous money-launderers, HSBC, in financing BOTH our and the Russians' nuclear deterrents. It exposes too, the vested interest of many of our MPs in keeping the whole nuclear deterrent thing going. makes me wonder if further digging would uncover similar vested interests in the American nuclear deterrent.

Exposed: CIA Director Brennan's ties to Rothschild/Zionist/Khazarian mafia crime syndicate

Just how un-American have the American government and its "security" agencies become? How dire is the extent to which the aforementioned government and agencies have been infiltrated by the agents and proxies of a foreign power - in this case the Rothschild/Zionist/Khazarian Mafia (RKM) crime syndicate?

John O Brennan is the Director of the CIA and presides over that agency's massive criminal operations planetwide. None of this criminality is in service of the American people and their security for they and the rest of the planet become less secure by the day. None of it is service of global peace and stability or the establishment of law and order for its aiding and abetting of terrorism and engineering of civil and other wars that wreck the lives of millions of honest human beings have brought nothing but chaos, death and destruction. Neither does it uphold the decencies, mores, customs and constitution of the American people for its spits on all these things daily.

So in whose service do Brennan and his fellow stooges work?

Civil War in Syria: spontaneous combustion or the work of the CIA's pyromaniacs?

The article below comes from the excellent Zero Hedge. It is by now common knowledge that the poisonous criminal operation known as the CIA, possibly in cahoots with its sister criminal operation, NATO's Operation Gladio, was instrumental in engineering the civil war in Syria. The article below gives you more insight into how this was done and by whom.

Unite and win! The unstoppable power of a coordinated grass roots effort

The following article from our friends at Natural News illustrates what can be achieved when people at the grass roots take action. Potentially, a united and coordinated effort from the grass roots would be unstoppable. Global united and coordinated action by people in defence of their freedoms and a better - as opposed to worse - tomorrow is what the Khazarian mafia and their chums and stooges that comprise our so-called elite are most terrified of.

Cultural Destruction and the Khazarian Mafia

When you look into the history of the Khazars, you are looking at the thread and common source that binds together Zionism, Communism, Psychiatry, the modern Rothschild banking scam, the so-called new World Order and the criminal operation that is working hard to bring down global civilisation in chaos and degeneracy (and that includes BOTH Western civilisation AND Islam.) [see related article here]

The sooner the people of Western countries, Russia and Eastern Europe AND the Muslim world realise they are under attack from the SAME cold, manipulative, implaccably hostile, blood-soaked but extraordinarily clever enemy (an enemy very very good at the divide-and-conquer caper that plays us off against one another), the sooner we can unite and put this sociopathic criminal cartel in gaol where it belongs - or before firing squads, depending on your preference.

This IS the cabalistic group that has been nurturing, fomenting, amplifying and keeping us locked into the chaos, wars and strife we see about us.

A study of its origins, goals and methods is a must if we wish to remove from our road those influences holding us back in perpetual barbarism. It is well worth the effort.

Assange having a field day. Elite having kittens.

This should be interesting.

The elite must be having kittens right now, wondering what else the Wikileaks founder has and what else he is going to release. No wonder they are panicking and losing their heads, with Clinton and Biden openly calling for his assassination as they toss away any last pretence at decency, morality or giving a rat's ass about law and order.

This is getting so dire for Clinton only the endemic corruption of the American system has kept her out of gaol

It might even get bad enough that millions of dedicatedly servile Americans stop voting for her.

Hacking in the Public Interest. Thanks for the Emails!

With the death of investigative journalism - the inevitable consequence of the turning of the mainstream media into a servile mouthpiece for the criminal elite - it seems that hackers are doing the job investigative journalists once did. And doing it quite well by the looks of it!

First came the exposure of Hillary Clinton as a large swathe of emails she and her cohorts would have far preferred the rifraff never to see entered the public domain. Russia got blamed as is the fashion at the moment.

It might be a tad unfair for Russia to take all the credit because whoever did the hack should be thanked for providing a public service! The release of the emails would have done Clinton and her gang no harm at all had they not truthfully exposed the fact that Clinton and Co were up to no good.

Now it is the arch-enemy of humanity and civilisation-wrecker George Soros who stands exposed by another hack. Once again Russia got the "blame" - or thanks depending on your point of view - and the fact remains had not the emails revealed a sesspit of corruption, the hack would have done him no harm at all.

The Latest Criminal Degeneracy from the Big Pharma Crime Syndicate

Repackaging Meth and Duping Parents into Giving it to their Kids

Much of Big Pharma is a criminal operation peddling drugs on a mind-boggling scale and evidently intent of laying waste to entire genrations of our people. Government does little or nothing to bring these arch criminals to account and turns a blind eyt while the the foul conduct and its destructive conseqences are compounded. Government is riddled with Big Pharma's agents and proxies and the sooner we wake up to the fact that this is happening and that our government has been thoropughly subverted by these crimijals the sooner we can start to do right by our children.

The Antidote to Brainwashing

British Psychiatry: From Eugenics to Assassination

This featured article is a classic. It gives a fascinating insight into the role of psychiatry - particularly the British psychological warfare research institute, the Tavistock in London, and it founder the infamous creepoid J R Rees - in mucking people about on a grand scale.

It is not a good idea at all to allow a bunch of degenerates to take over your planet. But the way to defeat the manipulative efforts of the degenerate New World Order cult and their high priests, the psychiatrists, is simply to know and understand them.

Increased awareness is the antidote to brainwashing. 

Incredible but apparently true: the Government is unaware of Psychiatry’s Links to Suicides! Help make them smarter

Good news! (I hope). The Health Committee in the UK Parliament has launched a suicide prevention inquiry.

As the featured article below explains, the aim is to find ways to reduce the suicide rate in this country. The link between psych meds and suicide is obvious to anyone with half a brain. In fact many psych meds include "risk of suicide" or words to that effect on their warning labels. A look at the stats of how many suicides were by people taking psych meds should be enough to alert anyone to the fact that there is something awfully wrong with psych meds.

Yet the gopvernment has not yet cottoned on.

Great Propagand tricks of today: smoke and mirrors and the engineering of phobias

"The Muslim one quarter of the human race does of course include a number of psychopaths and other murdering scumbags, racists, warmongers and extremists and a percentage of people in the thrall of such undesirables. But the Muslim world has no monopoly on extremists, bombers, genocidal maniacs, racial supremacists and murdering scumbags. We in the non-Muslim world have our fair share of these antiscocial personality types AND IN ABOUT THE SAME PERCENTAGES."

See the well-reasoned andinformative featured article below which is quoted from The Guardian in 2014. The points so well made are still relevant today.

Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Mainstream Media Colludes with Terror Masterminds

The video presented below is highly recommended. Please watch it.

It is a crying shame that you must increasingly turn to RussiaToday for a more balanced and informed view of world events than mainstream media propaganda gives you.

MSM propaganda is increasingly driven by the effort of the corporate oligarchs that own it. The effort of the corporate oligarchs that own the MSM is to divide and conquer humanity by AIDING AND ABETTING THE EFFORT OF THEIR CHUMS BEHIND THESE TERRORIST EVENTS to drive wedges of chaos and upset between human communities and set them into conflict with one another.

Let's put it another way:

Smoke and Mirrors: how the elite use race to divide and rule

How does a self-appointed elite handful of people maintain their dominion and control over millions of people they consider to be slaves/minions/serfs/cattle? How does the self-appointed herdsman contol the herd? There are several interwoven mechanisms - the puppet master's strings and levers - at work. They include

Worrying about Islam: the Fine Arts of Divide and Rule and Misdirection

Worrying about Islam is rather like worrying about catching a cold whilst one is dying from leprosy. The cold only becomes a problem when one is near death already.

It has become popular of late, so far as the Main Stream Media is concerned, to stir up a great deal of upset and fear concerning Islam, whilst our nations are failing due to other causes entirely.

Exposed! Evil Clinton takes "advice" from Satan look-alike

This article from Your News Wire makes an interesting read, not just for its expose of the influence of humanity's arch enemy, George Soros over the woman slated to become America's terminal president.

Its assessment of the death of investigative journalism, its corpse supplanted by a servile propaganda machine, and the fact that email hackers and the likes of Wikileaks are now doing the job the media was suppoosed to do - exposing corruption and criminality is spot on.

Guilty secrets? When exposed, just blame Russia!

Clinton email hack reveals yet more corruption

[Background: in July, WikiLeaks published almost 20,000 pages of hacked emails that revealed top DNC officials deliberately worked to obstruct Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders' campaign in order to boost Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming the party's nominee. Someone sure as hell wants this nut and arch friend of the Rothschild/Soros crime syndicate to become America's terminal President]

I present this nice article from Sputnik News, the entity set up by Russia to provide an alternative point of view to the disingenuous bile spewing from the Western propaganda machine known as the mainstream media.

As honest reporting and investigative journalism in the West appears to have been killed off and supplanted by a scary ghost of the MSM's former self, Sputnik actually makes refreshing reading - not least because its articles are more intelligently written and more specific than its sorry Western counterparts, as you will see when you read on.

Propagandists Waging Propaganda War from Inside Britain accuse Putin of Waging Propaganda War from Inside Britain

Here's another gem from the British media, which has become an endless source of hilarity almost as entertaining as the American media.

A propaganda media mouthpiece, an offshoot of a proganda machine with offices all over the UK, accuses Russia of setting up a propaganda office in the UK.

The sport of slagging off Russia and accusing it of doing what Washington and its proxies have been doing for decades is now in jeopardy as the accused threaten to give their point of view and/or challenge the view of reality put forth by the freedom-loving oligarchs and spin doctors of the West.

Giving their own view on things is just the sort of filthy trick one can expect from countries slated for regime change or a bit of restructuring by democratic missiles.

The Tavistock: Zionism, Psychiatry and Controlling the Herd

Here is a fascinating account of the Tavistock mind control centre in London, originally founded by the arch psychiatric criminal and sociopath JR Rees, it spawned a network of similar institutions across America. The network was founded and is run to this day to serve the the Zionist bankster oligarchs and their criminal agenda of reducing humanity - including YOU - to the status of cattle.

Surprise! GSK vaccine containing deadly neuro toxins found to have damaged a child’s brain

I am not sure if it is broadly known that in September of 2014, Italy’s Vaccine Injury Compensation court adjudged that GlaxoSmithKline’s INFANRIX Hexa (a 6-in-1 monster vaccine for polio, flu, tetanus, Hep B, and diphtheria) caused permanent autism in a completely healthy child.

Good news! Scientists Discover We Are Not Necessarily Doomed After All!

 Is the Global Warming Hoax Finally Dead?

Well, it has finally happened. The whole global warming scam has been exposed as a fake. The article featured below gives you a good summary of the truth.

Importantly, it gives a good basic description of the MONEY MAKING/POWER-GRABBING SCAM and CORRUPT MOTIVES that underlie it.

Climate Change Scam Alert: Merchants of Fear Exposed!

Banksters are Defrauding Millions Through the Global Warming Hoax

This is a biggie!!

We recently featured an article exposing the great Climate Change scam, arguably the biggest and slickest con-job in history with dear old Al Gore right there at the forefront of the Global warming crusade.

Put bluntly, global warming is a lie, a large dose of fear-mongering with a money-making scam at the bottom of it.

Population control: does the world need fewer Bill Gateses?

People are waking up to the fact that their planet has fallen into the hands of a small sociopathic clique of arch-criminals. Planet Earth IS a planet run by criminals who make the Mafia look like Qakers in comparison.

The woes of our world stem not from the inherently bestial nature of all of humanity. Most human beings are damned fine and bestiality or natural evil is not their problem. Their problem, the one that gets them into trouble on a regular basis, is that they will insist on allowing to accrue wealth and power a small minority of human beings who are completely batty.

Monsanto: in the absence of justice evil flourishes

It has been said that for evil to flourish it is only necessary for good men to do nothing. One might amend that to "nothing effective".

One could rephrase it somewhat and say that when the power of evil becomes monstrous, one can trace it back to all the opportunities that were neglected to apply justice to it while it was still incapable of broad harm.

Video: the Truth about Russia and NATO

This is a neat and accurate briefing from PressTV on the subject of Ukraine, a country recently dismantled by the wrecking crews masterminded out of Washington and London. The crime syndicate of the New World Order cult is now enmeshed in its worst nightmare: its lies and propaganda are starting to unravel as fewer and fewer people trust a word uttered by its media and political puppets and mouthpieces.

Malice Aforethought: the Iraq War

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Blair and Bush were not lone nutcases operating in a vacuum. They did not just suddenly decide in a fit of lunacy to start a war nobody else needed or wanted.

They had accomplices, backers, pressure and persuasions. Who is their gang? They started that war FOR somebody, somebody who really wanted it, somebody whose agendum made war and the death of thousands of people - not to mention another quantum leap of the debt levels of all countries involved - somebody who intended to gain money or power or both from mass murder.