Welcome to Planet Earth

BREXIT: here is what I think is going to happen

The bankster elite, working through a political establishment overloaded with their proxies and henchmen, will pull out all the stops and, by fair means or foul, pull every string they can pull to prevent us leaving the European Union.

This will include:

(a) the aforentioned proxies and political stooges will drag their feet and put every obstacle they can manufacture in the way of our departure. The Tory Party for example is riddled with such people and we will be in the ridiculous position of being governed by people who are dead against us leaving - or succeeding if we do leave.

(b) at the same time, a massive propaganda campaign will be launched to convince us of the error of our ways AND seek to divide us and have citizens quarreling with their fellow citizens (the old Divide and Rule caper).

Many people will in the short term be influenced by that propaganda campaign and the bewilderment it will generate and have second thoughts about the wisdom of leaving.

This will rumble on for a while.

Meanwhile the EU will continue to fail. It cannot do anything but.

It is based on an unworkable debt-based money system that makes inevitable both escalating debt and the syphoning off of the wealth created by the nation's producers by a bunch of non-producing "elite" parasites. The centralisation of power into the hands of a corrupt and not very competent European political echelon will continue. In short, it is not suddenly going to morph into an enlightened, dynamic and highly competent entity that works for all the people any more than a hippo is going to morph into a racehorse. It can't. Its flaws and shortcomings are built into it and no amount of wishful thinking, faith or blind hope are going to change that.

As times goes on, dissatisfaction with the EU will fester and grow and things will get worse. More and more people will realise that they have been conned and cheated. They have been conned and cheated from the beginning but it will become increasingly difficult to hide the fact even from the terminally dense.

So confidence in Leave will wane for a while but over time, more and more people will come to the conclusion we should have gotten out while we had the chance.

It should be remembered that the 52% of people who voted to leave did not just appear over night. It is the product of disatisfaction with the EU that has grown over the years. It has grown all across Europe too. It will continue to grow because the only way to prevent it growing is for the EU to become a benign, efficient and inherently sane entity that works for all the people and that is not going to happen unless the criminal elite who form a power echelon above it are removed.

If somehow we do manage to extricate ourselves from this trap, every effort will be made to sabotage us economically and socially. This the elite have the power to do as they have done in many other countries. The difficulties resulting from the sabotage and hostile string-pulling will be blamed on the fact that we left. The effort will be to set us up as an example that will discourage other countries from reclaiming their independence. There is no reason on God's green Earth why a country cannot produce and trade successfully under its own steam UNLESS its effort so to do are actively sabotaged.

The upshot of all this is that if we want our freedom we are going to have to be united, focused, dedicated, and persistent.

What will help our cause tremendously is a determined campaign to expose and reform the monetary scam that underlies all our troubles and thereby dis empower the "elite" banksters who are running the scam with the connivance of their collaborators in our own governments,

Until we have a sane money system and are administered by honest men unbeholden to vested interests and sincerely working for all the people, we are going to have trouble. Lots of it.

Welcome to planet Earth.