The Revolution against Stupid

Britain has started a revolution against the 'stupid' Brussels elite and the EU is 'doomed' according to the articles at the following links.

I certainly agree that the author cited has hit the nail on the head regarding the utopian tinkerers and self-appointed "very best people" of the bankster elite and their henchmen.

It is that elite and its programme of cultural destruction and economic sabotage that is at the root of the problem.

These people have hijacked the worthy European desire for peace, harmony and prosperity through trade and tried to feed parasitically off human aspirations for a better world. Through the machinations of one of the biggest con jobs in history, they have built a political, economic and bureaucratic trap for millions of people. Then they try to tell us this shambolic, stifling, inhibiting amnd dictatorial monstrosity is the best we can hope for!

Well, I sincerely hope the Brits have sparked not so much a revolution but the beginnings of an evolution towards something better and more fit for human beings to live in.

But let us not kid ourselves: there is much to be done and a great deal of hard work ahead to rid us of that elite which is still in place, Brexit or no Brexit, and still calling the shots. But is not a free and decent world worth the effort?

We need better leaders and better ideas because the elite are, with malice aforethought, a resource for neither. Their political proxies inside or outside the EU are muppets and we really do need to stop relying on them or their "experts" for ideas.

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