No so much a clock as a ticking bomb - UK national debt clocks up the trillions.

Check out the UK Debt Clock at the link below!

Something fundamental is very, very amiss with the current money system. Britain's record national debt has just surpassed £1 trillion. This figure will exponentially increase until the debt-based (not gold-based or production-based but DEBT-based) money system that is caving in national economies whilst enriching the banking cartels beyond all reason is reformed.

But truth is much worse than even the debt clock reveals. It does not include private debt or business debt and even discounting these the true national debt is closer to £4.8 trillion - about £78,000 (!) for every person in the UK - if you factor in all liabilities including state and public sector pensions.

This vast sea of debt in which the nation is drowning vastly exceeds all the money in existence by a very wide margin. How did we end up owing much more money than exists?

This problem is the carefully never discussed flaw that underlies economic decline, the EU (an attempt to consolidate irremediably a money system that enriches the banking cartels whilst eroding the economic hopes of everybody else) and which will sabotage any effort of our country to gain independence.

This free book explains it all, how it started, how it works and how it can be reformed so we all win. Please take the trouble to read it.