Great Propaganda Tricks of Today: Communist Jewish Muslim Israeli Khazari Refugee Spits at Girl in Austria in Sweden

The current propaganda effort to demonise Muslims is getting clumsy and transparent, so much so that only brain-dead neanderthals still fall for it, fortunately.

But just in case there is still anyone out there dim enough to be played by this nonsense, here is a current example of how dire (and stupid) it can get.

Sell-out politicians and the Zionist web of control

The following story from America illustrates just how facile can be the web of control woven by the Zionist faction using their access to almost unlimited supplies of money.

The most alarming feature of all this is just how many politicians in the US and UK have pledged allegiance to or are in the pocket of the Zionist project, whether through financial incentives, blackmail or other forms of leverage.

Vaccine-injured children: a UK tale of neglect, corruption and cover-up?

My interview with author Christina England will be online this week. Christina has a fascinating story to tell. Meanwhile, here is the scoop on her explosive new book: Steve Cook, editor

We humans are better than some cretins make out

Humanity is better, kinder and more noble than some people would have you believe.

The mainstream media puts your attention on whatever instances of human misconduct it can find or help create. It rarely mentions that for every instance of bad conduct that makes the headlines there are a million kindnesses and decencies it does not bother to tell you about.

The result is to create in humanity a degraded self-view, to undermine our sense of pride, dignity and worth, to dupe us into thinking of ourselves as beasts.

What exactly is Operation Gladio?

The engineers of Chaos: who, how and why

Chaos is being engineered in Europe, alomgside the ruthless dismantling of several nations in the Middle East.

Someone is sure engaged in an increasingly desperate effort to make everyone hate Muslims, strengthen the security state and give a boost to the Terror Industry. 

But who are these merchants of fear and chaos working so hard to amplify turbulence, divide-and-rule terrified peoples and making damn sure the peace we all crave never breaks out? In other words, which nest of vipers is your real enemy?

Middle Eastern Country Raped and Murdered by Criminal Gang. Perpetrators still at large

This featured article from our friends at Hang the Bankers gives a very good account of why Libya was targeted for a take-down by Western criminal gangs masquerading as governments. As for HOW Libya was taken down and a country and its citizens ruined by one of the most cynical exercises in international lawlessness and mass murder ever dreamed up by the world's sociopaths, it is very informative. But it is well worth a read in the light of what is now known about Operation Gladio.

It should also be noted that when America elects to the office of President Hillary Clinton (as it almost certainly will) its people will be voting into power a known criminal. Voting a known criminal into your highest office is hardly the action of a patriot. So vote this criminal into office if you want, but just don't pretend you are a patriot when you do it.


I bring this thought provoking article frolm my colleagues at The Liberty Beacon USA

Is there any reason you can think of that the French government would order the destruction of all local surveillance videos of the Nice Bastille Day terror attack that aren’t shady reasons?

The World Looks Like It's Getting Worse But Is It Actually Getting Better? Part 2

As I contended in The World Looks Like It's Getting Worse But Is It Actually Getting Better? Part 1, while the bad news grabs the attention, don't be fooled. Behind the bewildered smoke screen of hysteria, something quite remarkable is happening: slowly but surely -and perhaps at an accelerating pace - therte are clear signs that the world is actually become safer and more peaceful.

It is hard to believe when you are fed a daily diet of the worst and most alarming news the MSM has scoured the planet to find and serve up over your breakfast cornflakes.

The world looks like it’s getting worse – but is it actually getting better? Part I

The latest corruption scandals around the IAAF and FIFA join the many other corruption scandals from different quarters and fields of human endeavour that have exploded all over the MSM and the internet.

The list appears to make a sorry litany of human criminality and degradation. To name just a few of the aforementioned scandals that have surfaced: 

The Worm in the Apple: banksters explained

We are hearing a lot about the banksters, the men behind the utopian tinkerers and architects of a one-world global tyranny. 

But what is it with these banksters? 

What is it with the banking system that is so askew? 

As the bankster NWO scheme starts to unravel it is vital that we citizens understand how this scam has been working because from that we will know what a sane money system should be like and we will know what to do when the you-know-what hits the fan. 

I put together a FREE book that I hope will help you to understand it. Your understanding is important. Please pick up a free copy and read it - or just read it online

Divide and Rule: Media Pours Gasoline on the Fires of Hysteria

The featured article below is from our friends at the first class, Global Research. Please pay them a visit for more gret articles and insights you will not find in the controlled MSM.

Is the BBC slanted like the deck of the Titanic?

The featured article below comes from the excellent blog of writer and journalist Nic Outterside. The video is of an RT report on the BBC taking inappropriate funding from the EU. The tip of the iceberg?

We'll see. The reports give us some insight into the possible subversion of the BBC by vested interests and its declining credibility as an accurate, unbiased news source discharging its duty to keep the British citizen reliably informed. Its pro-Israel bias and its evident willingness to toe our warmongering government's line when reporting on international affairs are a worry, as is its evident hostility to the leader of the Opposition. An impartial review is urgently needed.

The nation wrecker: Hungarian PM denounces arch criminal

In terms of his warnings about George Soros, the Hungarian Prime Minister and the featured article below, which comes from WND are spot on.

Soros plays a key role in the effort of a small band of elite criminals to infest, weaken and subvert Western nation states AND the religion of Islam.

Bombing for the sake of bombing. Win win for the corporate elite. Lose lose for the rest of us

The following dramatic expose is from our friends at Press TV. It brings to light more of the money-making scam in which the criminals dictating US war policy contrive excuses to keep right on bombing foreign countries for no other purpose than to keep American tax payers' money flowing into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex and its shareholders and investors.

Parasitic infestation and the slow death of civilisation

I think most of us are well aware that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell the truth, that its reports tend to serve whatever narrative is desired by its owners.

To be fair, this is natural enough. If I owned a huge slice of the media, I have to say I would use the opportunity to push my favoured agendum. It would be the agendum you see here on TLB UK and the only major difference is I might be making pots of money while doing it as opposed to - at present - zilch.

If I owned a big slice of the media, my agendum would be trying to keep us from slaughtering one another as much as possible, an international justice system, a reform of the money system, the rule of just laws aligned to human rights, a government that works for ALL the people and so on.

The House of Saud and Mischief in the Middle East

We hope this featured article from Your News Wire will help fill in some of the background regarding Saudi Arabia and its fostering and export of Wahhabi extremism (which many Muslims seem to regard as a heresy) and help bring to focus the major players in the confusion of the Middle East.

We concur with most of the writer's observations and would only add that many, if not all, of the major players are effectively suborned by and dance on the strings of the bankster oligarchs.

GMOs, Vaccines, Drugs are used by governments to subjugate their citizens warns Putin

Fascinating stuff. We have to be wary of getting too carried away as the propaganda flies back and forth but if this report on Russia is accurate, as we all sincerely hope it is, the Russians have themselves a considerably capable government. It is a government setting a good example for Westerners to take note of and learn from.

Putin’s observations about the use of debilitating diets and medications being a DELIBERATE ATTACK upon a culture designed to cripple and destroy it (not subdue, not “take over”, DESTROY) it are SPOT ON.

Vaccines and Autism and the effort to silence the people trying to warn you

The article featured here nicely explains the effort to shut up voices raised in warning about vaccines. That campaign involves the propaganda technique known as "astroturfing" -which is also nicely explained here - and overall is remarkably similar to the campaign that was once carried out to silence concerns about tobacco.

The reason people in the alternative media have to get active and the reason people like me spend hours upon hours for no pay banging out articles is that we are trying to fill a void vacated by the MSM.

A can of worms with “Democracy” on the label – is Britain a Constitutional Democracy?

Evidently the Conservatives are finding the need to debate new laws in the House and other not-strictly-necessary but quaint rituals such a voting on them a bit of an inconvenience to a modern go-getting constitutional democracy such as ours.

A constitutional democracy is a term I just invented: it is a bit like a constitutional monarchy where you have the trappings, rituals and outer form of a monarchy for the benefit of the tourists but in practice something else entirely is going on: in which the Monarch rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of men sitting in council in the Parliament.

A can of worms with “Democracy” on the label – is Britain a Constitutional Democracy ?

Evidently the Conservatives are finding the need to debate new laws in the House and other not-strictly-necessary but quaint rituals such a voting on them a bit of an inconvenience to a modern go-getting constitutional democracy such as ours.
A constitutional democracy is a term I just invented: it  is a bit like a constitutional monarchy where you have the trappings, rituals and outer form of a monarchy for the benefit of the tourists but in practice something else entirely is going on: in which the Monarch rubber-stamps decisions made by groups of men sitting in council in the Parliament.

UK Police: Tory Election Fraud Scandal Is Being Covered-up

I bring you this report from the highly recommended Your News Wire. It speaks for itself. 

Parties purporting to be fit to govern need to be honest and well behaved.

And those elected need to have achieved power without cheating.

The men behind the psych drugging of everyone and his cousin - enemies in our midst?

I include the article below to illustrate how psych meds can substantially alter personality and behaviour, reduce impulse control, reduce empathy and - as my good friend Dr Ted Hamlyn used to say -  set in concrete whatever obsessions or compulsions the person may be suffering from.

They drive some people right off the deep end.

When governments go insane . . .

The French and US governments are certifiably insane.

Using the Nice atrocity committed by a French citizen of Tunisian origin as a justification for indiscriminately slaughtering even more innocent people in a completely different country (this time using planes and bombs tailor-made for the purpose instead of a truck) before a full investigation was done and all the facts of the case were known is the thinnest and most pathetic excuse I ever heard of.

How is this any better than what was done in Nice?

An Alternative to Prison: Warmongering maniac sentenced to plum jobs and lots of money

The findings of the Chilcott enquiry make it very plain that Tony Blair was obscenely eager to launch a war against Iraq that was not the slightest bit necessary in terms of dealing with a clear and present danger to the country.

Indeed, as most people will not support a war unless the designated enemy can be shown to be a real threat, he invented or was a willing participant in the invention of lies about weapons of mass destruction (a wonderfully emotive epithet guaranteed to instill dread in the hearts of those citizens who believed the lie) in order to solicit the popular acquiescence without which a government cannot sustain a war.

Merchants of chaos and the creation of conflict

Things can be made to look awfully complex, usually by people with a vested interest in keeping the rest of us confused. Confused people are easier to bamboozle.

But here is a simplicity for you. Certain corporations and certain money-lending cartels make a lot of money from the manufacture and sale of weaponry and other things necessary for war and from lending money to governments in order to buy them.

Blair: one worm revealed but what about the rest of the can?

The outcry that stems from the Chilcott report and the popular concensus that Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes are understandable and justified.

Tony Blair MUST stand trial and so must his partner-in-crime George W Bush.

We must set a precedent that will make think twice the next psycho who thinks it perfectly acceptable to abuse his trust and cause death and destruction on a massive scale for no sane reason.

Welcome to Planet Earth

BREXIT: here is what I think is going to happen

The bankster elite, working through a political establishment overloaded with their proxies and henchmen, will pull out all the stops and, by fair means or foul, pull every string they can pull to prevent us leaving the European Union.

This will include:

BREXIT: it could have been a LOT worse for the bankster elite!

The Brexit vote has been a serious setback for bankster elite who have worked so hard to achieve their conquest of Europe by stealthy increments aided and abetted by a fair bit of fibbing.

What must be worrying them is how large the vote to leave might have been had:

"Astroturfing" - the Black Art of Deceit and how it will be used to discourage us from getting any funny ideas about self-government

Expect a massive propaganda campaign that will try very hard to convince us of the errors of our ways concerning our hoped-for departure from the Fourth Reich.

This video is a timely reminder of the propaganda technique known as astroturfing - the creation of a fake grass roots movement.

No so much a clock as a ticking bomb - UK national debt clocks up the trillions.

Check out the UK Debt Clock at the link below!

Something fundamental is very, very amiss with the current money system. Britain's record national debt has just surpassed £1 trillion. This figure will exponentially increase until the debt-based (not gold-based or production-based but DEBT-based) money system that is caving in national economies whilst enriching the banking cartels beyond all reason is reformed.

The Revolution against Stupid

Britain has started a revolution against the 'stupid' Brussels elite and the EU is 'doomed' according to the articles at the following links.

I certainly agree that the author cited has hit the nail on the head regarding the utopian tinkerers and self-appointed "very best people" of the bankster elite and their henchmen.

Ron Paul: Brexit Is A Crushing Blow For Global Banking Elite

Ron Paul has said that last week’s vote for Britain to leave the European Union represents a huge blow for the global banking elite.

According to Ron Paul, the UK’s decision to leave represents the beginning of the end of the European Union in which ordinary people will thrive, and the elite will suffer.

The Elite Puppet Masters are still pulling the strings

We may have voted to become an independent nation (thank God) but let's not kid ourselves: the elite are still pulling the strings and, dancing like a demented loon on those very strings, the Tory party is still the Tory party. 

Next target: cut those strings and find ourselves a government designed and run for all the people.

Opposing the Empire

It has been a propaganda trick to conflate opposition to the political entity known as the European Union with some sort of hostility towards Europe.

The EU is a political construct and a bid for dominance over the lives and endeavours of millions of human beings by a small elite whose record in terms of war and economioc constraint makes them the very LAST people fit to dictate the fortunes of whole peoples.