Conquest by Subterfuge and Stealth

To quote my good friend, the journalist Dave Randle: "The EU was set up by the Bilderberg Group, rich corporate dictators. British politicians have spent 40 years obeying an entity that is destroying Britain. VOTE OUT "

I would add only this:

The decline ruination of Britain was engineered by a banking elite with control of the money supply and their cronies in the corporate and political world. Britain lost her global trading empire without ever losing a war.

Treasonous politicians working for that same elite then handed over the sovereignty of our enfeebled and demoralised nation litle by little to the centralised European superstate.

This was decline and contraction. The EU could be defined as a group of sabotaged nations who were all brought together by their saboteurs so they could continue to be sabotaged en masse.

This was conquest by subterfuge and stealth, aided and abetted by collorators in our own government at the behest of the aforementioned bankster elite. We find ourselves then slyly manoeuvred into what can be termed the Fourth Reich over which the very same bankster elite call the shots.

We can begin the process of reversing this deliberate destruction by voting out.

But we must then refuse to accept more incompetent or treasonous mis-management and be very vigilant of attempts to sabotage our quest for liberty by factions within the post-EU British government. The same elite who got us into this mess must not be allowed to remain in place to call the shots or make our government, via their proxies and cronies in Parliament and Westminster, dance on their puppet strings any longer.

We CAN flourish and prosper as a self governing nation as long as we refuse to let our government get away with planned incompetence.

The following article suggests some things that could be done by an honest government sincerely working for all the people