The vast majority of Brits who voted to leave and the vast majority who voted to remain were doubtless motivated by a sincere belief in what is best for their country in the short- and/or long term.

So can we all please treat our fellow countrymen with good manners and respect?

How about we all set about building a new and better country?

How about we set a new goal for the nation, a goal from the pursuit of which everybody wins?

The nation has no goal. Let's set one.

How about we decide to make ours the most productive, self reliant, free, benign, harmonious and just nation on Earth? If we set about working towards that in earnest and refused to accept or tolerate counter-efforts to that endeavour we would all win.

Who doesn't want a just, free, self-reliant, harmonious and productive nation? But such a nation has to be created, by we the people.

Nobody else is going to build one for us