The REFERENDUM - What a shambles!

The Leave/Remain thing has been remarkable if only for the ineptitude of the campaigns on both sides. The Remain camp have prolduced no single compelling reason for us to meekly surrender our self-governance to a badly run shambolic European superstate run for the benefit of banksters and corporate oligarchs, overlaid by a transparently thin veneer of "democracy".

The spectacle of a nation even considering surrendering its liberty for "benefits" nobody is clear about is pathetic and a measure of how febrile we have become.

Flowing power UP the pyramid to ever more remote entities is the WRONG DIRECTION. Power and responsibility should be flowed DOWN towards the basic building blocs of our civilisation: the individual, the family, the community, the region.

To give away our power to self govern or even control our own borders is not an expansion or an improvement, it is a contraction and a SUCCUMB and tantamount to national suicide.

Nobody has explained to me why we NEED a centralised superstate in order to produce and to trade with one another and refrain from knocking seven bells out of our neighbours. What we need for that to occur is to be rid of a bankster elite that is busily piling on the econimic constraints and demolishing one nation after another whilst making profits from funding both sides in its endless procession of sponsored wars

On the other hand the Brexit campaign seems to have knob-heads as its "leaders" and has produced no coherent plan of how we will conduct our business and PRODUCE our way out of difficulty beyond the vague notion we will somehow be "all right". You would think that somneone would have comne up with a plan by now, given the big step we are being asked to take.

Neither have they explained how we will be "free" when the same bankster elite that brought us to ruin and which runs the EU (which was set up for the benefit of the banksters and their corporate cronies) will still be calling the shots over an "independent" Britain.

We were not truly "free" before EU and were run by an elite and its cronies and collaborators in government that drove the country into the ground with mind-boggling (yet deliberate) ineptitude.

We did not fall into decline, we were pushed. And we sure as hell will not be free under those nice people who run the EU who have taken ineptitude (equally deliberate) graft and snouts-in-the-trough betrayal to stratospheric new levels.

Suspiciously, the likes of Farage and co have carefully avoided addressing the underlying problem, which is a bankster elite that has control of the money supply and dances nations on the puppet strings of insurmountable debt slavery.

The EU was never the solution to our decline because "not being a province of a European superstate" did not cause that decline in the first place. It was a carefully orchestrated failure to identitify the true cause of the problem and come up with a wrong solution that caused even more problems. In essence we were charring nicely in the bankster frying pan and obligingly jumnped into the bankster fire. Now we are preparing to jump back into the fryhing pan, which is probably marginally the lesser of the two evils.

I am, by the way pro-European. My wife is French, my daughter's husband Austrian, my son's partner Spanish. I want all European nations to govern themselves and floursih and prosper in freedom. Favouring a European state on the kind now being built is NOT a requirement for being pro-European, wishing the French, Germans, Dutch et all well and so forth. On the contrary, I want happy, friendly neighbours who look after their own house according to their mores, customs and goals. I can think of nothing more despicable that could be done to the people of Europe than to saddle them with the monstrous, badly run, bureacratic corporate/banskter empire under which they must now live.

I'll be voting OUT simply because the superstate now being built, which masquerades as "unity" is the worst folly the people of Europe could pursue but I wish the Brexit side had proper leaders with some sort of intelligent plan as to how we will move forward as being run by muppets is not going to be very helpful.

PS. If anyone is interested, which probabaly nobody is, here is MY plan for where we go from here. I thought it up in the belief that SOMEBODY should ruddy well produce one,