Either way we wind up with a fake democracy run by the stooges for the banksters.
A good solid vote for Leave (even if the Remain vote clinches it) would be good news. This whole debate may well have woken some people up and gotten their attenton and dissatisfaction with the Fourth Reich will continuie to grow unless the Fourth Reich can suddenly work for all the people with sound management (which it can't|). But there is an undercut to all this.

If people really want to understand the money powers that brought about the demise of nations, a century of wars, fostered the growth of psychiatry and orchestrated deliberate.cultural destruction.they should take the trouble to find out about it.

An educated people can defend itself and so it is vital that an understanding oif the rigged money system, how it works, who riggged it and how it empowers a few banking cartels and renders them an echelon senior to government is ESSENTIAL.

Therein also lies an explanation of WHY our economies will not run right even when a government's intentions are honorable. It is the underlying flaw that no-one on either side of the debate is stirring themselves to confront and bothering to find out about. A crying shame as the people will continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes until it is broadly understood. Sorry to sound like a stuck record but this is crucial. Study up on it (it's not hard) and you will understand why.

To help with that effort I did a free book as a contribution to that much needed grass roots understanding. Pick it up here