Rattled Elite to weld shut the EU exits?

The elite are evidently rattled by the Brexit vote.

These utopian schemers - by virtue of being in on a criminal scam known as modern banking that enables them to siphon off parasitically the wealth created by productive people - consider they know what is best for everyone else.

Or, perhaps more accurately, they know what is best for themselves and consider the rest of humanity fair game in their effort to acquire it. They regard the rest of the human race rather the way the herdsman regards his cattle. Or put another way, the parasites having invaded the host, are now looking for ways to take it over completely, in the time-honoured manner of viruses everywhere.

As the Brits have thrown a spanner in their best-laid plans to establish a superstate that is a close cousin to earlier prototypes, the Third Reich and Soviet Union, they are now rushing to bolt all the other stable doors before the remaining horses leg it for pastures more conducive to their wellbeing.

So the effort to centralise power is being accelerated in the hope that the conquest of Europe will be complete, with all the exits welded shut, before the citizens of any more of their dominions wake up to the fact that they have been conquered by an aristocracy of money lenders, freeloaders and con men not fit to lick their boots.

Put simply, the freeloaders and parasites will be trying to bring all of Europe under just one central bank with full central control of the money supply, allied to one central power able to plan and budget for the entire empire. This will be accompanied by changes in the laws of the member countries, whose parliaments are riddled with the banksters' stooges who do not give a rat's ass for the needs and aspirations of their own people (except those who happen to run multinational corporations). Those changes will transfer power irreversibly to Brussels whilst dismantling borders.

And then there is the planned European army. A single army for Europe capabable of putting down revolt in any of its provinces.

The people of Europe will find themselves locked into that mismanaged mess with no means of escape except revolt.

Is this the dream for Europe? The best anyone could come up with? A Fourth Reich foisted on whole peoples by confidence-trickery and deceit?