There is no reason on God's green earth our nation or any other nation cannot PRODUCE goods and services it needs for its own consumption or for trade with other nations for those goods and services it does no itself produce.

This is how any nation achieves its wealth. The only other ways to become wealthy are charity or theft.
We will succeed to the degree that we can PRODUCE. Production will occur to the degree that we have a government that rewards and encourages it and does not impede, stifle, inhibit or penalise it.

If we have a hard time producing the wherewithal of survival, the best guarantee of which is abundance, then we must identify and remove from our road those persons or groups that are working to prevent it.

The effort to produce can be impeded or stifled in many ways, as was done by the EU and by our own governments in the decline that led us into accepting or acquiescing to the EU. The primary ways to inhibit the efforts of the people to flourish and prosper are

(a) oppressive taxation (especially the income tax that penalises production)

(b) a money system that is based not on production or even gold (itself a base inferior to production) but on DEBT

(c) war or continual preparedness for war, in the modern world a phenomenon itself engineered by the banking dynasties who control the debt-based money system

(d) a government that fails to inhibit or actively aids and abets powerful criminal entities such as some large corporations and, of course, the banking dynasties who operate the money power of the debt-based money system