It is worth reflecting that just over fifty percent of people voted to leave the EU and just under fifty percent voted to remain in it, yet NOBODY voted to enter into it in the first place.

Forty odd years ago there was a referendum to join the European Economic Community, presented an an economic club where no loss of sovereignty would ensue. 

If we had been asked at that time to surrender our sovereignty to a new super-state run from Belgium in which we would have less and less control of our own borders and our own destiny over which democracy would be a veneer thin at best, very few people at that time would have voted for it. 

This has been the subterfuge of the men calling the shots: present the issue as an economic one and meanwhile chip away at the sovereignty and political policies and indeed the dry culture. of the member nations little bit by little bit. And this could only be done with the help of traitors and sell-outs within our governments. This is an ingenious method of conquest that does not require armies but it is conquest nevertheless.