Washington's folly catalyzes new global alliances as the West shoots itself in the foot. But every problem is an Opportunity

It looks very much like profound changes to the global economy and what some are calling a tectonic shift in the international power structure are taking place.

Eurasian Unity Trumps Bankster Crime Syndicate

China, Russia and Iran, have discovered that unity and cooperation, based less on coercion and more on a spirit of cooperation in mutual interest, can provide the foundation for a powerful alternative to the current dollar-based system that is powered by debt and masterminded by the bankster/Khazarian mafia crime syndicate.

These latest developments have raised expectations that the US-dominated "world order" (aka Empire), for a long while now in its death throes, may at last be on the verging of losing its global geopolitical grip.

American-German researcher F. William Engdahl wrote in a recent article for New Eastern Outlook:

“Sometimes profound tectonic shifts in the global politics arise from the least noticed events. Such is the situation with Iran and the recent visit to Tehran of China’s President Xi Jinping. What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place,”

Indeed, a couple of weeks ago, on January 23, Presidents Xi Jinping of China and Hassan Rouhani of Iran signed well over a dozen agreements on economic and technological cooperation between their two countries and the two leaders leaders announced they will cooperate on the China-led One "Belt One Road" initiative.

That marked a formal inclusion of Iran into China’s New Economic Silk Road project and Engdahl called that “a giant positive step” as it will allow Tehran to “break years of economic isolation”. That isolation was imposed by Western powers, driven by the quest for global dominance of their bankster puppet masters and its ending will open doors to the region’s economic development.

Geographical Corridor

Seeing Pakistan as a “geographical corridor” between China and Iran, columnist Afzal Hussain wrote in Pakistani newspaper The Nation:

“The lifting of economic sanctions from Iran provides trade opportunities for regional countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Russia, and Central Asian Countries particularly, Tajikistan. The trade activity will generate billions of dollars not only for oil-rich Iran but also for the countries having close economic relations with Iran . . . The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project has become more vital after latest trade accords between Iran and China.”

He also highlighted Russia’s pivotal role in the newly emerging Order and was in no doubt that China, Pakistan, Iran and Russia will bolster trade and economic growth in Central Asia and beyond.

Indeed, these four nations form a massively powerful alliance, an alliance that will end once and for all the power of the criminal elite that has hijacked America and its Western vassal states to bring unchallenged and without consequences mayhem and pillage to human community.

It looks very likely indeed that Iran will become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) at their annual meeting in the summer. While some have seen this new rapprochement between Iran and China as a potential cause of rivalry between Beijing and Moscow - as it were, both suitors for the same fair hand - its looks more likely that the attractions of a mutually highly beneficial triple alliance that could unify Eurasia and break the stifling dollar power of the US empire once and for all, will be sufficient to override any lesser niggles.

Eurasian Golden Triangle

“We’re seeing the emergence of a true Eurasian Golden Triangle with China, Russia and Iran as the three key points,” Engdah says. “With the stated plan to route the Silk Road rail infrastructure to assist the mining of new gold for currency backing of the Eurasian member states, including now Iran with its significant own unexploited gold, the hyper-inflated, debt-bloated dollar system is gaining a formidable positive alternative, one committed to peace and development,” the researcher concludes.

The excesses of the crime syndicate based in Washington and London, its naked aggression and arrogant pursuit of "full spectrum dominance" have catalyzed this new global alliance. Its rise is galvanised by that aggression as nations become sick and tired of being threatened or inhibited by it and incorporates moreover the BRICS alliance of Russia, Brazil, India and China, with other countries, including Germany, increasingly tempted to seek the protective embrace of the new alliance against the perceived common enemy.

Common Enemy

The "common enemy" thus perceived is less the people or even militaries of the countries already subverted by the so-called New World Order but the gang of crooks that have over many years and with subterfuge and skilful trickery invaded those people and militaries much as a parasite invades a once-healthy host. The head of the serpent, so far as that interwoven network of crooks is concerned is the Rothschild bankster mafia and the agendum is that of the Khazarian mafia, a complex cult many centuries in its growth and satanic development.

Observing the fall of Washington, London and Europe to the banksters, and the resultant ransack of their economies and hijack of their governance, it was inevitable that Russia and China and other powerful nations would be less supine in their surrender to the banksters and would take steps to neutralise the threat once and for all. 

Over-confidence, reckless excesses, bad judgement, overt aggression and compounding injustices, as massive power out-stripped animal cunning and modest intellect, were the eventual undoing of the Anglo-American civilisation. In its final moribund phase, these failings were the undoing of the West, which essentially shot itself in the foot innumerable times then allowed the wounds to fester.

Fall of the Banksters

The world is changing. The Fall of the Banksters is fast approaching. With it will come to the West some difficult years but those difficult years will bring with them tremendous opportunities to correct in-built flaws, dispense with the bankster scam of debt-based money and debt-driven growth, kick the criminals and subversives out of their governments. 

The West will re-make itself and will re-emerge revitalised and with new purpose. The new purpose will embrace and bring into being all those things the people of the West always wanted their countries to be but which their corrupt elites strangled in infancy: strong, industrious, just, creative and proud. 

This last phase of corruption, degradation, criminal conduct and injustice will become a grim half-chapter in the planet's history as Humanity moves on to bigger and better things and the stars that now await.

In the meantime, whether the new Eurasian alliances will prove to be genuine forces for commercial growth, trade and global cooperation remains to be seen. Certainly there is every sign at the moment that they can and will.

We may be passing through a belt of turbulence but somewhere up ahead lie calmer waters and the hospitable shores of the Golden Age.